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Herbert C. Abramson was born on November 16, 1916 and died on November 9, 1999 and was an American record company executive, record producer, and was a co-founder of Atlantic Records. He is one of the key influential record producers involved in post war rhythm and blues music. He was trained as a dentist.

Steeped in rhythm and blues music, he recorded many of the leading R&B artistes of the 1950s and 1960s, including Joe Turner and Billy Eckstein. The Atco label was set up to release his productions. In 1953 he was called up for military service, which he spent doing dentistry!, and Jerry Wexler was recruited to fill his shoes while he was away. He returned to Atlantic/Atco in 1955 and recorded The Coasters and others. In 1958 he left Atlantic to set up his own company, which recorded “Daddy Rolling Stone” by Derek Martin, released on UK Sue. His most successful production for his own company was “Hi-Heel Sneakers” by Tommy Tucker, released on Checker Records.


Muddy Waters – Let’s Spend The Night Together/I’m A Man


“Let’s spend the night together” was taken from the Electric Mud album and released on Chess CRS 8083 in October 1968. Did not chart.

The Dells – Always Together/I Want My Momma


“Always together” by The Dells was released on Chess CRS 8084 in December 1968. US Pop 18, US R&B 3.

Little Milton – Who’s Cheating Who/Ain’t No Big Deal On You


“Who’s cheating who” is regarded as one of Little Milton’s classic recordings and was released on Chess CRS 8018 in July 1965. US Pop 43, US R&B 4.

Muddy Waters – My Dog Can’t Bark/I Got A Rich Man’s Woman


“My dog can’t bark” by Muddy Waters was issued on Chess CRS 8019 in September 1965. Did not chart.

Ramsey Lewis Trio – The In Crowd/Since I Fell For You


“The In Crowd” established Ramsey Lewis internationally, and was released in the UK on Chess CRS 8020 in August 1965. Billboard No 5.

Bo Diddley – Let The Kids Dance/Let Me Pass


“Let the kids dance” by Bo Diddley was released on Chess CRS 8021 in September 1965. Did not chart.

Chuck Berry – It Wasn’t Me/It’s My Own Business


“It wasnt me” by Chuck Berry was released on Chess CRS 8022 in October 1965. Did not chart.

Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto – Do I Make Myself Clear/Somewhere Down The Line


“Do I make myself clear” by Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto was released on Chess CRS 8025 in January 1966. Billboard 96.

Ramsey Lewis – Hang On Sloopy/Moving Easy


“Hang on Sloopy” by Ramsey Lewis Trio was issued on Chess CRS 8024 in December 1965. Billboard No 11.

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