Paddy, Klaus and Gibson


Paddy,Klaus and Gibson | copyright control | tc507

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson were a short lived Liverpool-based group comprising Paddy Chambers (1944-2000), Klaus Voormann (1938-)and Gibson Stewart Kemp (1945-). Their record was made by Pye Records in the UK and leased to Chess for US distribution.

Mr Voormann is well known for his art work, having designed the cover for The Beatles’ Revolver LP.

Daughters of Eve


Daughters of Eve | Copyright control | tc506

The Daughters of Eve were a rock band formed in Chicago in 1965 who had a few singles, one of which was released on Cadet records. The group had various lineups including Judy Johnson, Marsha Tomal, Andrea Levin, Debi Pomeroy, Marilou Davison and Lori Wax. Shortly after the single on Cadet was issued, in 1968, they disbanded.

Wilko Johnson


Wilko Johnson | Daily Mirror | tc573

English singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor John Peter Wilkinson (Wilko Johnson) was born on 12 July 1947 and is best known as a member of the 1970s pub rock/rhythm and blues band Dr. Feelgood. In 2014 Chess released an album (“Going back home”) and single he recorded with Roger Daltrey, with considerable success. He is still active in music.

Chess Northern Soul Box Set III



A third limited edition box set of Chess 7″ singles has been released. The set contains:

6711370 – See Me Through – Bobby Womack/I’m So Glad – Joe Cato

6711371 – Wait – Jeanette Nellis/You Keep Calling Me By Her Name – Amanda Love

6711372 – Loving You Is Something New – The Starlets/Such a Pretty Thing – Gene Chandler

6711373 – Ordinary Joe – Terry Callier/Baby Hang On – Maurice McAllister

6711374 – Pain – Mitty Collier/City Life – The Knight Brothers

6711375 – Lend Me Your Hand – Kindly Shepherds /Lucky Boy – Harold Hutton

6711376 – Foolish Me – Jo Ann Garrett/Love Ain’t Nothin’ – Johnny Nash

Kim Tolliver


Kim Tolliver LP cover | Chess Records | tc505

Kim Tolliver is a blues and R&B singer from Tennessee who mainly lived in Cleveland, Ohio. She recorded a number of unsuccessful singles for small labels including Sureshot and Rojac. She also recorded under the name of Kimberly Briggs. She left the music business to go into real estate, but is known to have fallen into illness. The lady’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Baby Huey and The Babysitters


A line up of Baby Huey & the Babysitters | Discogs | tc571

Baby Huey & the Babysitters was a soul band hailing from Gary, Indiana founded by Melvyn Jones and Johnny Ross with James Ramey as singer. They were well known on the club scene in Chicago. Melvyn Jones went on to work with Curtis Mayfield at Curtom Records. “Baby Huey” was the name of a cartoon character.


James Ramey | Amazon | tc572

The original members were Baby Huey (James Ramey), Johnny Ross, Melvyn Jones, Larry Sales, Dennis Moore, Byron Watkins and Charles Clark. A number of other musicians played in the band.

Through Chess, they had a single release on the St Lawrence label.

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