US LP: Dale Hawkins – Oh Susie Q


Public Domain

Track listing:

Suzie Q | Don’t Treat Me This Way| Juanita| Tornado| Little Pig| Heaven | Bay Bay| Mrs. Mergritory’s Daughter| Take My Heart| Wild Wild World| See You Soon Baboon| Four Letter Word-Rock

US No. LP-1429.

US LP: Lem Winchester and the Ramsey Lewis Trio – Perform A Tribute To Clifford Brown



Track listing:

Joy Spring | Where It Is | Sandu | Once In A While | Jordu | It Could Happen To You | Easy To Love | A Message From Boysie

US No. Argo LP-642.

US LP: Marian McPartland – Marian McPartland At The London House



Track listing:

Easy Blues | Play Fiddle Play | Like Someone In Love | Tune For Tex | Signature Blues | Blues Intro | Steeplechase | Give Me The Simple Life | Sweet And Lovely | So Many Things

US No. Argo LP-640.

US LP: James Moody – Last train from Overbrook



Track listing:

Last Train From Overbrook | Don’t Worry About Me | Why Don’t You | What’s New | Tico Tico | There She Goes | All The Things You Are | Brother Yusef | Yvonne | The Moody One (False Start) | The Moody One

US No. Argo LP-637.

US LP: Ralph Sharon Quartet & Friend -2:38 A.M.



Track listing:

Blues | Ol’ Man River | Linguine Lover’s Lullaby | Teach Me Tonight | Garden In The Rain | Friend’s Blues | How Long Has This Been Going On | Time | I’ll Never Be The Same | Love Me Or Leave Me

US No. Argo LP-635.

US LP: Yusef Lateef – Lateef at Cranbrook



Track listing:

Morning | Brazil | Let Every Soul Say Amen | Woody’N You

US No. Argo LP-634.

US LP: J. C. Heard Octet – This is me, J. C. Heard



Track listing:

For You My Love | Coasting With J.C. | Nightingale | Heard The Word | Cuban Chant | Blues For Sale | Idaho

US No. Argo LP-633.

US LP: Bess Bonnier Trio – Theme for the Tall One



Track listing:

All The Things You Are | The Thrill Is Gone | Tones For Bones | Theme For The Tall One | Dorian | Blue Room | A-Train | Trolley Song

US No. Argo LP-632.

US LP: Vito Price – Swingin’ the Loop



Track listing:

Swinging The Loop | Mousey’s Tune | Why Was I Born | Duddy | In A Mellow Tone | Eye Strain | Time After Time | Beautiful Love | Credo | As Long As I Live

US No. Argo LP-631.

US LP: Jimmy Woode ‎– The Colorful Strings Of Jimmy Woode



Track listing:

Falmouth Recollection | The Way You Look Tonite | Foofy For President | The Man From Potter’s Crossing | Dance Of The Reluctant Drag | Empathy, For Ruth

US No. Argo LP-630.

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