EP: Muddy Waters with Little Walter – Mississippi Blues



Track listing:

I can’t be satisfied | I feel like going home | Evans Shuffle | Louisiana Blues

Released on Vogue EP-V 1046 in May 1955.

The Tokens


The Tokens | New York Times/Getty | tc660

The Tokens were a doo-wop group formed in the mid 1950s, whose members included Neil Sedaka; by 1961 when “Tonight” was recorded, the line up is unclear but included Mitch Margo. “Tonight” was a million selling record first issued on the Warwick label; it reached no. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Tokens included a number of members of the Margo family over the years especially during the 1960s.

Mitch Margo died on November 27, 2017.

CD: Chuck Berry ‎– Johnny B. Goode (His Complete ’50s Chess Recordings)



Track listing:

Maybellene | Wee Wee Hours | Thirty Days (To Come Back Home) | Together (We Will Always Be) | You Can’t Catch Me | Rolli Polli | Down Bound Train | Berry Pickin’ (Instrumental) | No Money Down | I’ve Changed | Drifting Heart | Brown Eyed Handsome Man | Roll Over Beethoven | Too Much Monkey Business | Maybellene (Live) | Roll Over Beethoven (Live) | Havana Moon | Rock And Roll Music (Demo) | Untitled Instrumental | Deep Feeling (Instrumental) | School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) | Low Feeling (Instrumental) | La Jaunda (Español) | Blue Feeling (Instrumental) | How You’ve Changed | Oh Baby Doll | Rock And Roll Music (Alternate) | Rock And Roll Music | 13 Question Method (Early Version) | How High The Moon (Instrumental) | Sweet Little Sixteen (Demo) | Sweet Little Sixteen (Take 3) | Sweet Little Sixteen (Take 11) | Sweet Little Sixteen (Original Master) | Sweet Little Sixteen (Sped Up Originally Released Version) | Rock At The Philharmonic (Instrumental) | Guitar Boogie (Instrumental) | Night Beat (Take 3) (Instrumental) | Night Beat (Instrumental) | Time Was (Slow Version, Take 4) | Time Was (Slow Version) | Reelin’ And Rockin’ (Take 1) | Reelin’ And Rockin’ (Takes 7/8) | Reelin’ And Rockin’ | Chuckwalk (Instrumental) | Johnny B. Goode (Alt. Take 2/3) | Johnny B. Goode | Around And Around (Overdub Take 2) | Around And Around (Overdub Take 3) | Around And Around | Ingo (Overdub Take 3) (Instrumental) | Ingo (Instrumental) | It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes | Blues For Hawaiians (Instrumental) | Beautiful Delilah (Alternate Takes 15/16) | Beautiful Delilah (Take 6) | 21 Blues | 21 | 21 (Take 14) | Vacation Time | Oh Yeah | Hey Pedro | Time Was (Fast Version) | House Of Blue Lights | Carol | Jo Jo Gunne | Memphis Tennessee | Anthony Boy | Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller (Alternate Take 5) | Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller (Take 11A) | Long Fast Jam (Instrumental) | Long Slow Jam (Instrumental) | Merry Christmas Baby | Merry Christmas Baby (Alternate) | Run Rudolph Run | Little Queenie (Take 8) | Little Queenie | That’s My Desire | Do You Love Me (Alternate) | Do You Love Me | Almost Grown (Take 14) | Almost Grown (Take 28) | Almost Grown | Back In The U.S.A. | Blue On Blue (Alternate a/k/a Upchuck) (Instrumental) | Blue On Blue (Instrumental) | Betty Jean (Alternate Take 14) | Betty Jean (Alternate Take 17) | Betty Jean | County Line | Childhood Sweetheart (Alternate) | Childhood Sweetheart | One O’Clock Jump (Instrumental) | I Just Want To Make Love To You (Take 3) | I Just Want To Make Love To You | Broken Arrow (Take 21) | Broken Arrow | Let It Rock (Alternate Mix) | Let It Rock | Too Pooped To Pop (Take 4A) | Too Pooped To Pop | The Ecuadors – Say You’ll Be Mine | The Ecuadors – Let Me Sleep Woman

The Brooks Brothers


The early Impressions including Richard (front row, right) and Arthur Brooks (centre row, left) | Image thought to be Vee Jay Records | tc 580

The Brooks Brothers who recorded for Thomas Records, which was distributed for a time by Chess, are understood to be Richard and Alfred Brooks, two of the original version of the vocal group “The Roosters” which became renamed “The Impressions”. Originally from Chatanooga, they moved to Chicago which is where they met Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield. They left the group due to its lack of success and because of disagreements on musical policy.

Updated: Clarence Samuels

The post on Clarence Samuels has been updated.

The Blue Jays


The Blue Jays | Restored by Google Archive | tc503

The Blue Jays were a doo-wop group mainly noted for their version of the old song “The White Cliffs of Dover” which was released on Checker. The Blue Jays are understood to have been Leon Peels, Van Richardson, Alex Manigo or Manigeault and Leonard Davidson. Leon Peels was born in 1936 and died in 1999.

Pat O’Day


Pat O’Day | Historic images | tc496

Pat O’Day was a popular singer who was popular throughout the 1950s. Her single release on Chess was reviewed in Billboard in November 1958. We have not been able to find any biographical details for this artiste. Can anyone help, please?

Eddie Chamblee


Eddie Chamblee | Be Bop Wino | tc492

Premium label recording artiste Edwin “Eddie” Leon Chamblee was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 24 February 1920 and died on 1 May 1999. He was nicknamed Eddie “Long Gone” Chamblee and was a tenor and alto saxophonist and occasional vocalist who moved to Chicago in his youth. He studied law at Chicago State University. From 1941 to 1946 he played in US Forces bands. He is closely associated with Lionel Hampton, Amos Millburn and Lowell Fulsom.

Miff Mole


Miff Mole | Bix Beiderbecke.com | tc491

Jazz trombonist and band leader Irving Milfred “Miff” Mole was born on 11 March 1898 and died on 29 April 1961 after a long period of ill health. He is known to have been a major influence on bandleaders Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller, and is closely associated with many of the leading orchestras of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. He recorded for Premium Records in 1950.

Mamie Bradley

Mamie Bradley was spotted in a restaurant called Wells in Harlem, New York and was signed to Sue Records of New York in 1958. Chess subsequently purchased the masters of the Sue recordings.

“I feel like a million” was first released on Sue 702. The version issued on Chess 1686 is understood to be a different take.

No photos or biographical details for Ms Bradley are currently available: can anyone help, please?

Thanks to Marc for his help with this item.

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