CD: Mitty Collier – Shades of a Genius



Track listing:

I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night | Little Miss Loneliness | I Gotta Get Away From It All | My Babe | Let’s Get Together | Would You Have Listened | Let Them Talk | So Little Time | It Looks Like Rain | I’ve Got Love | Thats What A Man Is For | I’m Your Part Time Love | Pain | Don’t You Forget It | One More Time | I Dedicate My Whole Life To You | Don’t Let Her Take My Baby | Free Girl In The Morning | Hallelujah (I Love Him So) | Drowned In My Own Tears | No Faith No Love | Ain’t That Love

CD Issued 1998.


CD: The Moonglows – Millennium Collection



This CD was issued in 2002. The tracks were remastered.

Track listing:

Sincerely | Most of all | In my diary | We go together | When I’m with you | See saw | Please send me someone to love | I’m afraid the masquerade is over | Blue velvet | Over and over again | Sweeter than words | Ten commandments of Love


CD: The Moonglows – The complete singles


cd1098 | Amazon

Released in 2016, this CD features all the Moonglows singles, both A and B sides, including those issued on the Chess and Chance labels.

Track listing:

The Moonglows: I just can’t tell no lie | I’ve been your dog | The Moonglows and Red Holloway’s Orchestra: Baby please | Whistle my love | Just a lonely Christmas | Hey Santa Claus | Secret Love | Real gone Mama | I was wrong | OOh rockin’ Daddy | My gal | 219 train | The Moonglows: Sincerely | Tempting | My loving baby | So all alone | The hug and a kiss | New gal | She’s gone | Most of all | Foolish me | Slow down | Starlite | In love | In my diary | Lover love me | We go together | Chickie um bah | Seesaw | When I’m with you | Over and over again | I knew from the start | I’m afraid the masquerade is over | Don’t say goodbye | Please send me someone to love | Mr Engineer | The beating of my heart | Confess it to your heart | Too late | Here I am | In the middle of the night | Soda pop | This love | Sweeter than Words | Ten commandments of love | Mean old blues | Love is a river | I’ll never stop wanting you | Twelve months of the year | Don’t be afraid of love | Mama Loocie | Unemployment | Beatnik | Junior | Blue velvet | Penny arcade

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson


Paddy,Klaus and Gibson | copyright control | tc507

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson were a short lived Liverpool-based group comprising Paddy Chambers (1944-2000), Klaus Voormann (1938-)and Gibson Stewart Kemp (1945-). Their record was made by Pye Records in the UK and leased to Chess for US distribution.

Mr Voormann is well known for his art work, having designed the cover for The Beatles’ Revolver LP.

Wilko Johnson


Wilko Johnson | Daily Mirror | tc573

English singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor John Peter Wilkinson (Wilko Johnson) was born on 12 July 1947 and is best known as a member of the 1970s pub rock/rhythm and blues band Dr. Feelgood. In 2014 Chess released an album (“Going back home”) and single he recorded with Roger Daltrey, with considerable success. He is still active in music.

The Bystanders

The Bystanders | Copyright control | tc501

Released on Chess through their arrangements with British label Pye, The Bystanders were a pop group from South Wales who had a number of releases and regular radio spots on the BBC. The group reformed in 1969 as the rock group Man. The exact lineup on this recording is unknown: can anyone help, please?

Willie Tell and The Overtures

The web site 45 Friday discovered that the two tracks on Chess 2086 – Soul Rangers/Kickball by Willie Tell and The Overtures were originally issued on another label, Marquee 2061, from Detroit. It is thought that the group are the same session musicians who play on the few recordings issued on Marquee. The names credited on the label are R. Dunson, D. Warren, E. Fountaine and C. Cisco (Carl Cisco). Precise details are unknown: can anyone assist, please?