Chuck Berry



Chuck Berry (Charles Edward Anderson Berry), guitarist, singer and songwriter, born 18 October 1926; died 18 March 2017.

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Eddy Jacobs

Singer and guitarist Eddy Jacobs started singing in 1950s groups The Capitols and The Pearls before starting out on a solo career. The book “Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You: A Memoir about the Legendary Soul Singer Wilson Pickett”
By Louella Pickett-New reveals that Jacobs became a member of Wilson Pickett’s band when “Midnight Hour” became a hit, and did some tours with that band, but did not like touring and left the band to continue his solo career. We do not have any biograpical details for this artist: can anyone help, please?

Ty Hunter

Singer Ty Hunter from Detroit first appeared on Chess’ subsidiary Check-Mate label which had a short life and was run from detroit by Billy Davis. After a solo career, followed by singing with the group Glass House for Invictus Records, Ty Hunter joined the Motown group The Originals, originally a backing group for Motown, in 1971. Ty Hunter died on February 24, 1981.