Sherrill Roecker


Sherrill Roecker | Copyright control | tc570

Sherrill Weiss (Sherrill Roecker) of New Jersey near Philadelphia was born in 1942 and died in 2004.

Her father was the light classical singer Eddie Roecker (1910-1975), a veteran of Broadway, radio and television as well as recordings.

Sherrill married lawyer Allan Joseph Weiss and they lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her one Argo recording was licenced from Swan Records of Philadelphia.

Rune Overman


Rune Öfwerman | Music Industry of Sweden | tc477

Rune Overman was Axel Ivar Rune Öfwerman, who was born on December 24, 1932, in Stockholm, Sweden, and died on December 13, 2013. His sons Clarence Öfwerman and Staffan Öfwerman are rock musicians. There are two other sons. Mr Öfwerman was a jazz pianist and a co-founder of a record label in Sweden; the recording was licenced for distribution by Chess.

Milson Luce


Milson Luce | Copyright control | 17145

Known mainly for his Argo 5260 recording “Don’t Break Your Promise To Me”, which was released in 1956, New Orleans singer Milson Luce was born on 8th March 1934 and died in Lafayette, Louisiana on 3rd May 2012 at age 78.

Many thanks to Marc for locating a photograph and accurate dates for this artiste.

Esmond Edwards


Esmond Edwards | Copyright control | tc451

Musician, record producer, recording engineer and photographer Esmond Edwards was born in Nassau on October 29, 1927 and died in California on January 20, 2007.

As Wikipedia puts it,

… He studied radiography at the Jersey City Medical Center, and while working there pursued an avid interest in photography and music. Using his years of piano lessons as a background, he began creating jazz compositions in his teen years, and ultimately combined his creativity in music and photography into a very prolific and successful career.


Coleman Hawkins LP Cover, 1959, photographed by Esmond Edwards | Copyright control/Prestige | tc452

After working for Prestige Records from 1957, he moved to Chess as an A&R man in the early 1960s and began producing jazz, folk and blues records for the Argo/Cadet label.

He received many silver and gold records, and also won a Grammy for his work.

Edwards’ photographic work has been displayed in New York’s Lincoln Center Jazz Archives, around the world, and in The New York Times Magazine and others.

The Campus Singers


The Campus Singers LP cover | Copyright control | tc450

In 1963 there was a boom in folk music and protest music, and Argo signed two young men from Kalamazoo called The Campus Singers. I have not been able to find any further information about these gentlemen, including their names. Can anyone help, please?

Wendell Tracy – Who’s to know/Corrigidor rock

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Who’s to know” by Wendell Tracy was released in the UK on London American HL-M 8664 in July 1958. No chart position data available.

The Kendall Sisters – Yea Yea/Won’t you be my baby

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Yea yea” by the Kendall Sisters was released on London American HL-M 8622 in May 1958. US Pop 73, US R&B 13.