The Revels


The Revels | Way Back Attack | tc351

The Revels (incorrectly hyphenated on the Chess label) are thought to have been John Grant, John Jones, John Kelly, Henry Colclugh and Bill Jackson, from Philadelphia. This recording dates from 1958. Bill Jackson (as Billy Jackson) joined The Tymes when this group folded.

The Nite Caps

Chess 1694

The recording of “Jelly Bean” by the Nite Caps is alleged to be by Bill Haley and the Comets, but it might also be a copy. Then again it might not be anything of the sort! There is some controversy over how this recording became leased to Chess and the situation is unclear.

The Sharps


The Sharps | Copyright control | tc352

The Sharps recording “Six months three weeks two days” was originally released on the Tag label in 1956 and reissued by Chess a couple of years later. The group used a number of names including The Lamplighters and The Rivingtons. They are understood to have been Al Frazier, John “Sonny” Harris, Carl White and Rocky Wilson. We think that is the lineup shown in the above picture, can anyone confirm, please? Some accounts mention Matthew Nelson as being a member. The recording of “Little bitty pretty one” identified as being by Thurston Harris and The Sharps is thought to be the same group; can anyone confirm, please?

The Quintones


The Quintones | Copyright control | tc353

The Quintones, pictured, were a vocal group comprising pf Roberta Hayman, Phyllis Carr, Carolyn Holmes, Ronni Scott, Kenneth Sexton and Jeannie Crist, from York, Penn. The Chess record was their first recording. They had a subsequent recording for a different label, in which their name was hyphenated to The Quin-Tones, but left the music industry shortly afterwards. The Chess recording was made in 1958.

Can anyone supply a better image of the Quintones, please.

Luther Dixon


Luther Dixon (left) | Fine Print Heroes | tc354

Singer, song writer and record producer Luther Dixon (pictured left with Florence Greenberg (2nd left), Chuck Jackson (white jacket) with music publisher Marvin Schlacter, right) was born on August 1931 and died on 22 October 2009. He started singing in doo wop groups in the early 1950s. By 1955 his song “Why baby why” had provided Pat Boone with an international hit. By 1960 Dixon was working with Scepter-Wand records and was responsible for hits by The Shirelles and others. He later moved to other record companies and was for a while married to the singer Inez Foxx.

Guardian obituary for Luther Dixon

Bobby Dean

Chess 1673

Singer William Bullock (Bobby Dean) recorded two singles for Chess in 1957. We do not have any biographical details for this artist, but please see correspondence below.

Billy Barrix


Billy Barrix | Rockabop | tc355

Billy “Curly” Barrix is a rockabilly singer and country musician who signed with Chess in 1957. In 1971, he worked as a DJ in Chicago before moving to Nashville to take up session work. Billy Barrix was born on 5 June 1937 and died on 22 February 2013.