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Blues, soul, funk musician and singer-songwriter John Watson Jr. (Johnny “Guitar” Watson) was born in Houston, Texas, on February 3, 1935 and died in Yokohama, Japan on May 17, 1996. He is associated with T-Bone Walker and his successful recording career spanned forty years. In his early career he toured with Little Richard and Larry Williams, which may explain his flamboyant style.

LP: Muddy Waters – Chess Masters, Vol. 3


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Track listing: My Fault | They Call Me Muddy Waters | All Night Long | Please Have Mercy | Sad Sad Day | Blow Wind Blow | She’s So Pretty | Oh Yeah | I Don’t Know Why | I’m A Natural Born Lover | Ooh Wee | Young Fashioned Ways | I Wanna Be Loved | All Aboard | Don’t Go No Farther | I Love The Life I Live | Got My Mojo Working | She’s Nineteen Years Old | Close To You | Tiger In Your Tank | Meanest Woman | You Shook Me | You Need Me | Five Long Years

Released on Chess CXMD 4015. US No. Untraced.

LP: Howlin’ Wolf – Chess Masters, Vol. 3



Track listing:

My Airplane Man | Love Me Darlin’ | Change My Way | I Walked From Dallas | I Better Go Now | New Crawlin’ King Snake | Just Like I Treat You | I’ve Been Abused | Don’t Laugh At Me | I Didn’t Know | I Ain’t Superstitious | Howlin’ Blues | My Mind Is Ramblin’ | Do The Do | Hidden Charms | Come To Me Baby | Don’t Mess With Me Baby | So Glad | Break Of Day | My People’s Gone | Long Green Stuff | Joy To My Soul | Tell Me What I’ve Done | Dust My Broom

Released on Chess CXMD 4014. US No. Untraced.

LP: John Lee Hooker – Chess Masters



Track listing:

Walkin’ The Boogie | Love Blues | Union Station Blues | It’s My Own Fault | Leave My Wife Alone | Ramblin’ By Myself | Sugar Mama | Down At The Landing | Louise | Ground Hog Blues | High Priced Woman | Women And Money | The Journey | I Don’t Want Your Money | Hey, Baby | Mad Man Blues | Bluebird | Worried Life Blues | Apologize | Lonely Boy Boogie | Baby Please Don’t Go | Dreamin’ Blues | Hey Boogie | Just Me And My Telephone

Released on Chess CXMD 4005. US No. Untraced.

LP: Howlin’ Wolf ‎– Chess Masters



Track listing:

Smokestack Lightning | All Night Long | The Red Rooster | The Little Baby | Howling For My Baby | Evil | I’m Leaving You | Moaning For My Baby | Spoonful | Going Down Slow | Wang Dang Doodle | Forty-Four | Shake For Me Baby | No Place To Go | Back Door Man | I Asked For Water

Released on Chess CHXL 102. US No. Untraced.

LP: Buddy Guy ‎– Chess Masters



Track listing:

Broken Hearted Blues | I Got My Eyes On You | First Time I Met The Blues | Let Me Love You Baby | Hard But Fair | When My Left Eye Jumps | Stone Crazy | No Lie | Stick Around | My Time After Awhile | Leave My Girl Alone | My Mother

Released on Chess CXMP 2010. US No. Chess CH-9115.

LP: Elmore James and John Brim – Whose muddy shoes



Track listing:

Ice Cream Man | Whose Muddy Shoes | Madison Blues | I See My Baby | You Got Me | My Best Friend | The Sun Is Shining | Lifetime Baby | Talk To Me Baby | Rattlesnake | Be Careful What You Do | Dust My Broom | Tool Bag Boogie | Tough Times | Stormy Monday

Released on Chess CXMP 2007. Also known as “Tough”. US No. Chess LP-1537. Reissued on Chess CH-9114.