LP: Chuck Berry – Chess Masters



Track listing: Maybellene | Wee Wee Hours | Thirty Days | You Can’t Catch Me | Downbound Train | No Money Down | Brown Eyed Handsome Man | Roll Over Beethoven | Too Much Monkey Business | Havana Moon | School Days | La Juanda | Rock And Roll Music | Oh Baby Doll | Sweet Little Sixteen | Reelin’ And Rockin’ | Johnny B Goode | ‘Round And ‘Round | Beautiful Delilah | The House Of Blue Lights | Carol | Jo Jo Gunne | Memphis | Sweet Little Rock And Roller

Released on Chess CXMD 4016. US No. Untraced.

LP: Chuck Berry – All Time Party Rock and Roll Hits



Track listing:

Johnny B. Goode | Rock And Roll Music | No Particular Place To Go | Memphis | Nadine | Sweet Little Sixteen | Run Rudolph Run | Reelin’ And Rockin’ | Mabelline | Carol | Little Queenie | Schooldays | Brown Eyed Handsome Man | Roll Over Beethoven | Almost Grown | Bye Bye Johnny

Released on Chess 6310 130. US No. None.

LP: Chuck Berry – You never can tell


MAL702 – Discogs

Track listing:

You Never Can Tell | Diploma For Two | The Little Girl From Central | The Way It Was Before | Big Ben | The Promised Land | Back In The U.S.A. | Run Around | Brenda Lee | Reelin’ And Rockin’

Issued on Pye International NPL 28039. Re-released on Marble Arch MAL 702.


NPL28039 – Discogs

LP: Bo Diddley – Hey Bo Diddley



Track listing:

Hey Bo Diddley | I’m A Man | Detour | Bo Diddley! | Hush Your Mouth | My Babe | Road Runner | I Know | Here ‘Tis | I’m Looking For A Woman | Before you accuse me

Released on Pye International NPL 28025 in 1962. Also released on Marble Arch MAL 814 and on Golden Guinea GGL 0358. Based on US Checker LP-2982 but with different track selection.

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson


Paddy,Klaus and Gibson | copyright control | tc507

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson were a short lived Liverpool-based group comprising Paddy Chambers (1944-2000), Klaus Voormann (1938-)and Gibson Stewart Kemp (1945-). Their record was made by Pye Records in the UK and leased to Chess for US distribution.

Mr Voormann is well known for his art work, having designed the cover for The Beatles’ Revolver LP.

Wilko Johnson


Wilko Johnson | Daily Mirror | tc573

English singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor John Peter Wilkinson (Wilko Johnson) was born on 12 July 1947 and is best known as a member of the 1970s pub rock/rhythm and blues band Dr. Feelgood. In 2014 Chess released an album (“Going back home”) and single he recorded with Roger Daltrey, with considerable success. He is still active in music.

The Blue Jays


The Blue Jays | Restored by Google Archive | tc503

The Blue Jays were a doo-wop group mainly noted for their version of the old song “The White Cliffs of Dover” which was released on Checker. The Blue Jays are understood to have been Leon Peels, Van Richardson, Alex Manigo or Manigeault and Leonard Davidson. Leon Peels was born in 1936 and died in 1999.