Bo Diddley – Memphis/Monkey diddle

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Memphis” by Bo Diddley was released in the UK on Pye International 7N 25235 in February, 1964. Did not chart.

The Lockets – Don’t cha know/Little boy

The UK Chess singles – one by one

“Don’t cha know” by the Lockets was issued in the UK on Pye International 7N 25232 in December, 1963. Chart data unavailable.

Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run/Johnny B Goode

The Chess UK Singles – One by One

“Run Rudolph Run” and “Johnny B Goode” were re-released on Pye International 7N 25228 in December 1963. Billboard 69, UK 36.

Bobby Rush


Bobby Rush | Uncredited/Hoodline | 16076ch

Hoodline profiles Bobby Rush, who has reached the grand age of 82.

Born in Homer, La. in 1933, Rush cut his musical teeth in the Pine Bluff, Ark. area with the likes of Elmore James and Big Moose Walker. A move to Chicago in the 1950s put him in the company of Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed, and led to sessions at the city’s Chess Records. 1971’s “Chicken Heads” proved his breakthrough, notching #34 on the Billboard R&B chart. He since recorded for a variety of labels and relocated in the 1980s to the Deep South, where he became one of the kings of the Chitlin’ Circuit. His crossover began largely in the early 2000s when he was included in the Martin Scorese-produced, Clint Eastwood-directed The Blues documentary for PBS. Since then, he’s received three Grammy nominations and 41 Blues Music Award nominations (of which he’s won ten, including 2015’s award for B.B. King Entertainer of the Year).

… “It’s very exciting. Truly I feel honored that someone would think enough of me to do this. The record side of it is the glory side of me and that’s the side that I want people to know and I’m grateful for that. I’m happy that someone thought before I leave this land to tell my story. I’m proud of it and flattered about it. I want the world to know that this is my first time and I want to say it for people to be enthused about me. I’m not enthused about all of the songs because at the time I didn’t think they were all good. But after you become a ‘legend,’ you look back and it all looks good. There are things you had in the can you didn’t want to put out, and then you get asked what you have in the can that’s never been heard to put it out,”

said Rush.

Chess publishing catalogue changes ownership

BMG, Berlin has acquired a majority interest in the ARC music publishing catalogue from the Fuji Music Group.

ARC, the publishing arm of legendary Chess Records includes such classic songs as “Johnny B. Goode,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” “I’m A Man,” “Susie-Q,” “At The Hop,” and “Smokestack Lighting.”

BMG has been administering the ARC catalogue since 2010 for Fuji Music Group, which acquired the catalogue in 2009. BMG serves as administrator for the entire Fuji catalog globally, except for Japan and Southeast Asia.

BMG already publishes the songs of legendary Chess producer and writer Willie Dixon, as well as the catalogs Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash. Now it has classic works by Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Dale Hawkins and others.

“The Chess brothers and their successors brought blues and rock & roll to the world, BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch said in a statement. “The artists and songwriters they discovered still resonate through the decades. Both culturally and commercially, the acquisition of this majority stake in ARC is one of the most significant acquisitions in the development of BMG so far.”

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley is a lover/Doin’ the Jaguar

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Bo Diddley is a lover” by Bo Diddley was released in the UK on Pye International 7N 25227 in November 1963. No chart data available.

Billy Stewart – Strange feeling/Sugar and spice

The Chess UK Singles – one by one

“Strange feeling” by Billy Stewart was released in the UK on Pye International 7N 25222 in November, 1963. US Pop 70, US R&B 25.

Guitar Red – Just you and I/Old fashioned love

The Chess UK Singles – one by one

“Just you and I” by Guitar Red was issued in the UK on Pye International 7N 25219 in September 1963. Chart data unavailable.

Chuck Berry – Let it rock/Memphis Tennessee

Chuck Berry’s two classics “Let it rock” and “Memphis Tennessee” were re released on Pye International 7N 25218 in September 1963. UK No 6.

Bo Diddley – Pretty thing/Road runner

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Pretty thing” by Bo Diddley was released in the UK on Pye International 7N 25217 in September, 1963. US Pop 75, US R&B 20, UK 39.

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