Bobby Charles – See you later alligator/James Sugar Boy Crawford – Jock a mo

The Chess UK singles – one by one

These two rock classics were re-released on Chess 6145024 in October 1973. Reissue.

The Dells – Give your baby a standing ovation/Run for cover

The Chess UK Singles – one by one

“Give your baby a standing ovation” by The Dells was released on Chess 6145 022 in June 1973. US Pop 34, US R&B 3.

The Kolettes – Who’s that guy/Just how much

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Who’s that Guy” by The Kollettes was re-released on Chess 6145 021 in April 1973. Reissue.

Chuck Berry – Reeling and rocking/I will not let you go

The Chess UK singles – one by one

These live recordings were taken from the London Sessions LP and issued on Chess 6145020 in January 1973. US Pop 27, UK 18.

Chuck Berry – My ding a ling/Let’s boogie

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“My ding a ling”/”Lets boogie” by Chuck Berry, from his London sessions, was released on Chess 6145019 in September 1972. It reached no. 1 on the pop charts in the UK and US, and also no. 42 on the US R&B chart. US Pop 1, US R&B 42, UK 1.

Koko Taylor – Violent love/Egg or the hen/Wang dang doodle

The UK Chess singles – one by one

“Violent love”/”Egg or the hen”/”Wang dang doodle” by KoKo Taylor were re-released on Chess 6145018 in November 1972. Reissue.