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Satellite 2001 Johnny McCall – You Can’t Get Away/Let’s Call It A Day

Satellite 2002 The Vontastics – I’ll Never Say Goodbye/Don’t Mess Around

Satellite 2003 Chuck Bernard & The Satellite Band – Let’s Go Get Stoned/Wasted

Satellite 2004 No data located

Satellite 2005 Chuck Bernard – Indian Giver/Dial My Number

Satellite 2006 The Fantaisions – That’s Where The Action Is/Unnecessary Tears

Satellite 2007 The Ideals – You Lost And I Won/?

Satellite 2008 Chuck Bernard – Funny Changes/Every Hurt Makes You Stronger

Satellite 2009 The Ideals – Kissing/I Had a Dream

Satellite 2010 Monk Higgins And The Satellite’s – Mister Luckee/Ain’t That Hateful

Satellite 2011 The Ideals – Go-Go Gorilla/Kissing Won’t Go Out Of Style

Satellite 2012 Chuck Bernard – My Baby/?

Satellite 2013 Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters – Monkey Man/Messin’ With The Kid

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