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The Neptune label featured Philadelphia productions by Gamble and Huff and was distributed by Chess. It is included for completeness.

Neptune N12 The O’Jays – One Night Affair/There’s Someone Waiting Back Home
Neptune N13 The Corner Boys – Gang War (Don’t Make No Sense)/Take It Easy Soul Brother
Neptune N14 Bunny Sigler – Where Do The Lonely Go/Great Big Liar
Neptune N15 Bunny Sigler And Cindy Scott – We’re Only Human/Sure Didn’t Take Long (For The News To Get Around)
Neptune N16 The Indigos – Taboo/I Love You
Neptune N17 Linda Jones – I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You
Neptune N18 The O’Jays – Branded Bad/You’re The Best Thing Since Candy
Neptune N19 The Vibrations – Expressway To Your Heart/Who’s Gonna Help Me Now
Neptune N20 The O’Jays – Christmas Ain’t Christmas, New Years Ain’t New Years Without The One You Love/There’s Someone Waiting Back Home
Neptune N21 The Vibrations – Smoke Signals/Who’s Gonna Help Me Now
Neptune N22 The O’Jays – Deeper (In Love With You)/I’ve Got The Groove
Neptune N23 The Three Degrees – What I See/Reflections Of Yesterday
Neptune N24 Bunny Sigler And Cindy Scott – Conquer The World Together/We’re Only Human
Neptune N25 Bunny Sigler – Don’t Stop Doing What You’re Doing/Where Do The Lonely Go
Neptune N26 Linda Jones – Ooh Baby You Move Me/Can You Blame Me?
Neptune N27 Cupit – Trainman (Akiwawa)/Squeeze Your Knees
Neptune N28 The Vibrating Vibrations – Right On Brother – Right On/Surprise Party For Baby
Neptune N28 Reissue – The Vibrating Vibrations – Surprise Party For Baby/’Cause You’re Mine
Neptune N29 The New Direction – Didn’t We/Ride My Carousel
Neptune N30 Billy Paul – Mrs. Robinson/Let’s Fall In Love All Over
Neptune N31 The O’Jays – Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl)/Let Me In Your World

Updated 4 September 2016

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