100 | 3 December 2019


KR Records was a pop label owned by Koppelman-Rubin Associates and Chess US and was distributed by Chess US during the period 1966-1967.

The following releases are known;

KR0115 The Strangers – Land Of Music/I Need Your Love Inside Me
KR0116 The Driving Stupid – Horror Asparagus Stories/The Reality Of Air Fried Borsk
0117 The Bo Street Runners – Aladdin/Johnny B. Goode
KR0118 Jimmy Barden And Donna Byrd – ‘Til I Met You/It’s Never Easy
KR0119 The Mandala – Opportunity/Lost Love
KR0120 The Tiffanies – Its got to be a great song/He’s good for me (UK CRS 8059)
KR0121 Mandala – Give And Take/From Toronto – 67

Davie Gordon, 45 Cat | KR0120

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