Check Mate


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All the items on this page are material which originated in Detroit and was distributed by Chess.

If anyone has further information about this series of recordings including missing numbers please get in touch. Thanks!

There was also a country music label called Check Mate, which some web sites have confused with the Chess distributed label.

Check Mate 1001 La Mont Anthony – Just To Be Loved/I Didn’t Know (What A Good Thing I Had)

Check Mate 1002 Ty Hunter – Memories/Envy Of Every Man

Check Mate 1003 David Ruffin – You Can Get What I Got/Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Check Mate 1004 Laurence Faulkcon – My Girl And My Friend/Why Should We Hide Our Love

Check Mate 1005 The Del-Phis – I’ll Let You Know/It Takes Two

Check Mate 1006 Paul London And The Kapers – Sugar Baby/Never Like This (The Big Bad Twist)

Check Mate 1007 Rubien Fort – I’ll Do The Best I Can/Nobody

Check Mate 1008 Dean And Marc – Boogie Woogie Twist – Pt. 1/Pt. 2

Check Mate 1009 Janet Lee – Lonely end of town/Listen for your music

Check Mate 1010 David Ruffin – Mr. Bus Driver – Hurry!/Knock You Out (With Love)

Check Mate 1011 Dave And The Shadows – Blue Down/Here After

Check Mate 1012 The Seminoles – It Takes A Lot/I Can’t Stand It

Check Mate 1013 Not issued

Check Mate 1014 Allen Story – Why Oh Why/Chubby Chubby (Louby Dove Dove)

Check Mate 1015 Ty Hunter – Lonely Baby/Gladness To Sadness

Check Mate 1016 Dave And The Shadows – At The Fair/Dancing Cheek To Cheek (With Love)

Check Mate 1017 Joey King – (Come Back) Summertime/Nut House

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