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Vogue (Decca)

EP-V 1046 – Muddy Waters with Little Walter – I can’t be satisfied/I feel like going home/Evans Shuffle/Louisiana Blues

London (Decca)

RE-U 1053 – Chuck Berry – Maybelline/Wee Wee Hours/Thirty Days/Together We Will Always Be

RE-U 1054 – Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley/I’m A Man/Bring It To Jerome/Pretty Thing

RE-U 1060 – Muddy Waters – Young fashioned ways/Mannish boy/All aboard/40 days and 40 nights

RE-U 1061 – Little Walter – My babe/I got to go/Thunderbird/Roller Coaster

RE-M 1188 – Chuck Berry – Reelin’ And Rockin’/Rock And Roll Music/Sweet Little Sixteen/Guitar Boogie

Pye International (Pye)

NEP 44007 – Clarence Frogman Henry – But I Do/Just My Baby And Me/You Always Hurt The One You Love/Little Suzy

NEP 44009 – Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven/Our Little Rendezvous/Bo Diddley – Pills Or (Love’s Labours Lost)/The Greatest Lover In The World

NEP 44010 – Muddy Waters – You shook me/Little brown bird/You need love/Muddy Waters Twist

NEP 44011 – Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode/Oh Baby Doll/School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)/Back In The USA

NEP 44012 – Bo Diddley – She’s Fine, She’s Mine/Bo Meets The Monster/Chuck Berry – You Can’t Catch Me/No Money Down

NEP 44013 – Chuck Berry – Bye Bye Johnny/Rock And Roll Music/Childhood Sweetheart/Broken Arrow

NEP 44014 – Bo Diddley – Hey Bo Diddley/Before You Accuse Me/Hush Your Mouth/I’m Looking For A Woman

NEP 44015 – Howling Wolf – Smokestack Lightnin’/Howlin’ For My Baby/Going Down SlowYou’ll Be Mine

NEP 44017 – Chuck Berry – Too Pooped To Pop/It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes/Bo Diddley – Deed And Deed I Do/Diana

NEP 44018 – Chuck Berry – Memphis Tennessee/Roll Over Beethoven/I’m Talking About You/Sweet Little Sixteen

NEP 44019 – Bo Diddley – The Story Of Bo Diddley/Little Girl/Put The Shoes On Willie/Run Diddley Daddy

NEP 44021 – Don And Bob – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/Larry Williams – Oh Baby/Dale Hawkins – Susie Q/Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got No Home

NEP 44022 – Jimmy McCracklin – The Walk/Howlin’ Wolf – You Gonna Wreck My Life/Muddy Waters – Messin’ With The Man/Little Walter – I Got To Find My Baby

NEP 44027 – Tommy Tucker – Hi-Heel Sneakers/I Don’t Want Cha/Long Tall Shorty/Mo’Shorty

NEP 44028 – Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode/Nadine (Is It You)/No Particular Place To Go/Memphis Tennessee

NEP 44029 Sonny Boy Williamson – Don’t Start Me To Talking/Muddy Waters – Just Make Love To You/John Lee Hooker – Walkin’ The Boogie/Jimmy Witherspoon – When The Lights Go Out

NEP 44030 Festival of the Blues – Various Artists – Muddy Waters, Wee wee baby/Buddy Guy – Worried blues/Muddy Waters – Got my mojo working/Sonny Boy Williamson – Bring it on home

NEP 44031 – Bo Diddley – Bo’s A Lumberjack/Let Me In/Hong Kong, Mississippi/You’re Looking Good

NEP 44032 – Howling Wolf – Tell Me/Who’s Been Talkin’/Shake For Me/Back Door Man

NEP 44033 – Chuck Berry – Driftin’ Blues/Lonely All The Time/Things I Used To Do/Fraulein

NEP 44034 – John Lee Hooker – Love Blues/Louise/Ramblin’ By Myself/Ground Hog Blues

NEP 44035 – Various Artists – Howlin’ Wolf – Spoonful/Buddy Guy – The first time I met the blues/Muddy Waters – Hoochie coochie man/Little Walter – Juke

NEP 44036 – Bo Diddley – Diddling/You All Green/I Can Tell/Babes In The Woods

NEP 44037 – Sonny Boy Williamson – I Don’t Know/The Key To Your Door/Dissatisfied/Wake Up Baby

NEP 44038 – Sonny Boy Williamson – Cross My Heart/Howlin’ Wolf – Evil/Sugar Pie DeSanto – Soulful Dress/Willie Dixon – Crazy For My Baby

HB 604 – Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven/Johnny B. Goode/Sweet Little Sixteen/Maybelline/Carol/Memphis, Tennessee

HB 610 – Chuck Berry – School Day/Rock And Roll Music/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/Rock And Roll Music/Back In The USA/Thirty Days

Chess (Pye)

CRE 6000 – John Lee Hooker – Down At The Landing/Women And Money/Union Station Blues/Leave My Wife Alone

CRE 6001 – Sonny Boy Williamson – Help Me/Your Funeral And My Trial/Ninety NineKeep It To Yourself

CRE 6002 – Chuck Berry – Promised Land: You Never Can Tell/Brenda Lee/Promised Land/Things I Used To Do

CRE 6003 – No data

CRE 6004 – Buddy Guy – Crazy music: Crazy Music/Leave My Baby Alone/Every Girl I See/Too Many Ways

CRE 6005 – Chuck Berry – Come On: Come On/Reelin’ And Rockin’/Around And Around/Don’t You Lie To Me

CRE 6006 – Muddy Waters – I’m ready: I’m ready/She moves me/I want you to love me/I can’t be satisfied

CRE 6007 – John Lee Hooker – Walkin’ The Boogie: Walkin’ the boogie/It’s My Own Fault/High Priced Woman/Ground Hog Blues

CRE 6008 – Bo Diddley – I’m A Man: I’m a man/Dearest Darling/ Pretty Thing/I’m Sorry

CRE 6009 – With the blues: Buddy Guy and Eddie Boyd – Buddy Guy: First Time I Met The Blues/Ten Years Ago/Eddie Boyd – Third Degree/Twenty Four Hours

CRE 6010 – The In Crowd: Billy Stewart – Sitting In The Park/Little Milton – Who’s Cheating Who/Ramsey Lewis Trio – The “In” Crowd/The Radiants – Voice Your Choice

CRE 6011 – The Blues Vol II Part 1: John Lee Hooker – Sugar Mama/Little Walter – Key To The Highway,/Otis Rush – So Many Roads/Chuck Berry – Wee Wee Hours

CRE 6012 – Chuck Berry – I Want To Be Your Driver/St Louis Blues/Dear Dad/I Got A Booking

CRE 6013 – Sonny Boy Williamson – Sonny Boy Williamson In Memoriam: Sad To Be Alone/Too Young To Die/Too Old To Think/One Way Out

CRE 6014 – John Lee Hooker – The Journey/Baby Please Don’t Go/Just Me And My Telephone/Mad Man Blues

CRE 6015 – Fontella Bass – Fontella’s Hits – Rescue Me/Leave it in the hands of love/Recovery/Soul of the man

CRE 6016 – Chuck Berry – You came a long way from St Louis: I got a booking: You Came A Long Way From St Louis/His Daughter Caroline/My Little Love Light/Jamaica Farewell

CRE 6017 – Howlin’ Wolf – Real Folk Blues: Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy/My Country Sugar Mama/Ooh Baby Hold Me/Louise

CRE 6018 – Sonny Boy Williamson: The Real Folk Blues 2: Checkin’ Up On My Baby/Dissatisfied/Trust My Baby/Bring It On Home

CRE 6019 – Ramsey Lewis Trio – A Hard Day’s Night: A Hard Day’s Night/My Babe/Something You Got/The Caves

CRE 6020: Fontella Bass: I Can’t Rest: Since I Fell For You/Oh No, Not My Baby/I Can’t Rest/Come And Get These Memories

CRE 6021 – John Lee Hooker -Worried Life Blues/Lonely Boy Boogie/I Don’t Want Your Money/Apologize

CRE 6022 – Muddy Waters – The Real folk blues Vol 4: I just want to make love to you/Standing around crying/Still a fool/Louisiana Blues

CRE 6023 – Bo Diddley – Hey Good Lookin’/Brother Bear/Mush Mouth Millie/Rooster Stew

CRE 6024 – Billy Stewart – I do love you: Sitting In The Park/Strange Feeling/Because I Love You/I Do Love You

CRE 6025 – Fontella Bass and Bobby McClure – Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing – Fontella Bass And Bobby McClure – Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing/Fontella Bass – Safe And Sound/Fontella Bass And Bobby McClure – Don’t Jump/Bobby McLure – Peak Of Love

CRE 6026 – Your Chess Requests – Various Artists: Tony Clarke – The Entertainer/Fontella Bass – Rescue Me/Billy Stewart – Summertime/Mitty Collier –
I Had A Talk With My Man

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