Alan Moorhouse


Alan Moorhouse | copyright control | tc508

Bandleader, record producer, arranger and songwriter Alan Moorhouse was born in Cornwall, but later moved to Germany. His recording on Chess was licenced from Pye Records for distribution in the USA. He is probably most famous for his composition Boom Bang a Bang which was entered into the Eurovision Song Contest, sung by Lulu. He has recorded a number of light music albums for Pye and other companies. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson


Paddy,Klaus and Gibson | copyright control | tc507

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson were a short lived Liverpool-based group comprising Paddy Chambers (1944-2000), Klaus Voormann (1938-)and Gibson Stewart Kemp (1945-). Their record was made by Pye Records in the UK and leased to Chess for US distribution.

Mr Voormann is well known for his art work, having designed the cover for The Beatles’ Revolver LP.

The Balloon Busters

The Balloon Busters were a British pop group or session musicians put together by record producers at Pye Records, the then Chess licencees in the UK, and leased to Chess for US release as Chess 2072. Only one record is known by them. The label credits Mason, Blakeley and Howard which makes me think the group is the UK group better known as The Tremeloes. Can anyone confirm, please?


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