The Tiffanies

Known for their one recording on Chess, “It’s got to be a great song”, which was released on Chess in 1967, The Tiffanies were formed in 1963 and were Roberta [Ferguson] Rivers, Mary [Young] Seymour-Williams, Karen Buncam and Eula McNair.

The record was originally issued on the KR label (Koppelman-Rubin Associates) in April 1967, with distribution by US Chess on number KR 0120; in the UK the record was issued by Pye on Chess CRS 8059 on 14 July 1967.

It is not known if the three ladies pictured on the video are The Tiffanies and no other photos of the group have been located.


Davie Gordon, 45 Cat | KR0120


Eddy Jacobs

Singer and guitarist Eddy Jacobs started singing in 1950s groups The Capitols and The Pearls before starting out on a solo career. The book “Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You: A Memoir about the Legendary Soul Singer Wilson Pickett”
By Louella Pickett-New reveals that Jacobs became a member of Wilson Pickett’s band when “Midnight Hour” became a hit, and did some tours with that band, but did not like touring and left the band to continue his solo career. We do not have any biograpical details for this artist: can anyone help, please?

Jackie Harris


Jack Harris, 1969 | Copyright control | tc473

Singer, song writer, radio executive and entrepreneur Jack “Jackie” Harris was born in Chicago in 1936 and started playing piano and singing when he was 5 years old. Billy Davis introduced him to Chess records and one single was issued. Harris went on to become a disc jockey on radio station KUXL, becoming programme director. He went on to work with a number of other radio stations. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Chess Northern Soul Box Set II, 2016


Amazon | tc459

Universal released this box of seven 45 rpm seven inch records on 19 August, 2016. Three of the tracks had not previously been issued on vinyl.

1 – Terry Callier – You Were Just Foolin’ Me/Bobby McClure – You Got Me Baby

2 – Jo Ann Garrett – A Whole New Plan/Jackie Ross – My Square

3 – Sugar Pie DeSanto – Talkin’, Dreamin’, Boastin’/Denise LaSalle – A Love Reputation

4 – The Vashonettes – A Mighty Good Lover.Marlena Shaw – Let’s Wade In The Water

5 – Jamo Thomas – Must I Holler/The Chessmen – Why Can’t I Be Your Man

6 – Greg Perry – Head Over Heels (In Love)/The Gospel Classics – More Love, That’s What We Need

7 – The Vibrations – Make It Last/Spooner’s Crowd – Two In The Morning

Chess Northern Soul Box Set, 2015


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Universal issued this boxed set of seven 45 rpm seven inch singles on the Chess label on 24 July, 2015.

1 – Terry Callier – Look At Me Now (1966)/The Radiants – Hold On (1967)

2 – Barbara Carr – My Mama Told Me (1965)/Doug Banks – I Just Kept On Dancing (1964)

3 – Etta James – Can’t Shake It (1964)/George Kirby – What Can I Do (1966)

4 – Herb Ward – Strange Change (1965)/Jean Dushon – Feeling Good (1966)

5 – Joy Lovejoy – In Orbit (1967)/Mitty Collier – My Party (1964)

6 – The Dells – Thinkin’ About You (1966)/The Kittens – Ain’t No More Room (1967)

7 – The Valentinos – Sweeter Than The Day Before (1966)/Tony Clarke – Landslide (1966)

Chuck Corby


Chuck Corby | Chuck Corby | tc454

Soul and R&B singer Chuck Corby was born Charles Anthony Ciorra, possibly in Pittsburgh, and took up singing at age 8. He is associated with many top soul and R&B bands of the 1960s and 1970s, with whom he has worked, as well as making recordings as a solo artiste and as a member of various groups. His first solo recording was made in 1966. I have been unable to find biographical details for this artist. He is understood to still be active in the music scene.