Site being checked and updated

I have started checking every post on the site to ensure that all assets are available and are displayed correctly. I am also tidying up and checking that artist details are complete and accurate. This is the first major checking of the site for some four years.

As of today, there are 989 posts on the site, so the job will take some time.

You can check my progress by visiting the Updating page.


15 July 2019


Updated: Clarence Samuels

The post on Clarence Samuels has been updated.

New US A-Z Listing finished

The new listing of US singles by A-Z is now complete.

Happy birthday to us

Today is Chess Treasures’ fifth birthday.

The web site is popular; the page hits figures tell only part of the story, for there are also a large number of people who subscribe to the web site.

I’d like to thank all readers, subscribers, followers and contributors for their help and continued support for Chess Treasures. Thank you!



We are currently going through the oldest posts checking for any missing pictures and replacing them, also checking for missing videos and making other corrections.

If you spot anything wrong, please leave a comment and draw our attention to it. Many thanks!


Jimmy Bowman

The post for the influential jazz and blues pianist Jimmy Bowman has been updated. With grateful thanks and warm regards to Mr J Bowman Jnr for the information.

Have you spotted anything wrong?

Checking a few records last week I discovered a few broken links and missing videos, which have been repaired.

If you see anything not working on the site, please leave a comment on the post concerned, to alert me. You do not have to be registered with WordPress to leave a comment on this blog – anyone can.

Thanks for your help!