US LP: Daniel Salinas – Atlantis



Track listing:

Sraussmania | Like A Rainy Night | No Broken Heart | Baiao | Bridge Over Troubled Water | A Song For A Helping Hand | Atlantis

US No. CA-50049.

Daniel Salinas was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We do not have any biographical information for this artist. Can anyone help, please?

Earle Doud


Only known photograph of Earle Doud | Copyright control | tc639

Stand up comedian, satirist, and comedy writer Earle Doud was one of the creators of the famous 1961 album “The First Family” which satirised the Kennedy family, became a best seller album, but was withdrawn after the assassination of the President. He went on to write other satirical plays and albums. I do not have any biographical details for this person – can anyone help, please?

US LP: Dick Williams’ Kids ‎– Kids Sing For Big People (And Little People, Too)



Track listing:

Come Rain Or Come Shine | Sometimes I’m Happy | I’m In The Mood For Love | All Of Me | Some Of These Days | Nobody’s Heart | My Blue Heaven | Nearness Of You | That Old Feeling | It’s The Talk Of The Town | After You’ve Gone | All By Myself

US No. Argo LP-4041.


Dick Williams | Hollywood Reporter | tc635

We understand that Dick Williams was one of the Williams Brothers, and a brother of singer Andy Williams. Can anyone confirm please. Richard Blaine “Dick” Williams was born in Wall Lake, Iowa on June 7, 1926 and died in Burbank, California on May 5, 2018.

Willie Wright


Willie Wright | LP Cover photo, copyright control | tc632

We know that Willie Wright was a folk singer who recorded between 1957 and 1963 then faded into obscurity. Other than that, no information is currently available. Can anyone help, please?

Johnny Hamlin


Johnny Hamlin | Copyright control | tc625

Jazz pianist and band leader Johnny Hamlin was born in California in 1921. Can anyone provide further information, please.

The Jazz Exponents

The Jazz Exponents are stated on the LP sleeve as being Norm Diamond, Dick Riordan, Bob Elliot and Jack Gridley. No more information is available. Can anyone assist, please.

LP: Howlin’ Wolf – The London Sessions



Track listing:

Rockin’ Daddy | I Ain’t Superstitious | Sittin’ On Top Of The World | Worried About My Baby | What A Woman! | Poor Boy | Built For Comfort | Who’s Been Talking? | The Red Rooster (Rehearsal) | The Red Rooster | Do The Do | Highway 49 | Wang-Dang-Doodle

Released on Chess CXMP 2008. There may have been an earlier release – can anyone help, please? US No. Chess CH-60008.