Robert Anderson


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Gospel singer and composer Robert Anderson was born on March 21, 1919 and died on June 15, 1995. He was born in Mississippi and moved to Chicago as a child. He joined the Roberta Martin singers in 1933 and recorded for a number of labels including Premium and Chess.

The Windy City Four


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First formed in 1929 and still going, The Windy City Four is a well known gospel group (often more than four) who recorded for Checker during the 1960s. The exact lineup of the group on the Chess recordings is unknown. Can anyone help, please?

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The Gospel Classics

The gospel vocal group The Gospel Classics are best known for their international hit record “More Love, that’s what we need”. Some members of the group were previously members of the Violinaires and other gospel groups, who recorded for various labels, and most were Detroit based.

The members of “The Gospel Classics” were Melvin Reed, Leo Coney, Wilson DeShields, James Malone, Cleofas Tilmon, Elceanor Debose, and Charles Williams.

Melvin Reed is understood to have died in 2005. Current whereabouts of the other members are not currently available.

Singing Sammy Lewis


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Samuel Allan Lewis was born in Chicago,Illinois on April 4, 1925, started singing at 5 years and at age 6 he was singing gospel music on radio station WSBC.

In 1943 he entered army service and on his return he became director of the Radio Choir of the Evangelist Temple Church of God In Christ, touring with Mahalia Jackson.

He signed to Chess in 1949 but again entered army service in Korea in 1950 serving for two years. He continued to have recordings issued on the Checker label throughout the 1960s.

He was considered one of America’s top ten gospel singers, but there has been no record of him for some time and it is feared the gentleman has died.

The Friendly Five


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The Friendly Five were a long running gospel vocal group formed by Rebert H. Harris, who was born on March 23, 1916 and died on September 3, 2000. The original group comprised his brothers and cousins. The line up on the Chess recording is not available.

The Dixieland Singers

A gospel music act signed to Chess, the Dixieland singers were formed in Jackson, Tenn. by a Mr. Pittman. The lead singer on the Chess recording is understood to be Tommie Humphrey. Both persons are understood to be deceased. Can anyone provide more information about this group, please.

The Crume Brothers


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The Crume Brothers of Chicago were real brothers who formed a gospel and soul music group while they were quite young. There were eight brothers and two sisters in the family, who moved to Chicago when the leader of the group, Dillard Crume, was aged 8. The group introduced electric guitar into gospel music and became quite famous in Chicago.

When he was 19, Dillard was approached by the Blind Boys of Alabama to become their guitarist and with them he travelled extensively.

He is understood to be still performing gospel music.

Many of the Brothers became members of another famous gospel group, The Soul Stirrers, of whom perhaps the most notable former member was Sam Cooke.

The Crume Brothers also recorded for Atlantic/Atco and Vee Jay Records.

One of the brothers, LeRoy Crume, died in October 2014, and it is thought that another brother has also died.

Help Please – can anyone supply names of all the brothers, and any updated information please. Thank you!