Jackie Cannon

Jackie Cannon was a country-rock and roll singer who made two recordings in the early 1960s, then faded into obscurity. Cannon was born in 1939 in Palmer, Tennessee. Her first record was made for the small Chan label in Oklahoma and was quickly leased to Chess for national distribution. No photograph of Jackie Cannon has been located.


Mel Robbins – Save it/To know you

The Chess UK Singles – One by One

Country singer Mel Robbins’ “Save it” was first released in the UK on London HLM 8966 in October 1959. No chart data available.

Dick Glasser


Dick Glasser | Public domain | tc120

Richard Eugene “Dick” Glasser (aka Dick Lory) was born on December 8, 1934 and died of lung cancer on July 10, 2000. He was a singer, a songwriter and a record producer, and recorded a number of singles for the Chess Argo label, some under his own name and some as “Dickie and the Gees”. In 1960 he became head of Metric Music for Liberty Records. In the mid 1960s he became a senior record producer for Warner Brothers/Reprise, producing some albums by The Everly Brothers and others. He then moved to a senior production role at MGM Records.