US LP: The Baroques – The Baroques



Track listing:

Iowa, A Girl’s Name | Seasons | Mary Jane | Rose Colored Glasses | Musical Tribute To The Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon | In Silver Light | This Song Needs No Introduction | There’s Nothing Left To Do But Cry | Bicycle 2:25
Purple Day | Boop | Love In A Circle

US No. LP-1516.

Daughters of Eve


Daughters of Eve | Copyright control | tc506

The Daughters of Eve were a rock band formed in Chicago in 1965 who had a few singles, one of which was released on Cadet records. The group had various lineups including Judy Johnson, Marsha Tomal, Andrea Levin, Debi Pomeroy, Marilou Davison and Lori Wax. Shortly after the single on Cadet was issued, in 1968, they disbanded.

Rotary Connection – Want to know you/Memory band

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“Want you to know” by Rotary Connection was released on Chess CRS 8106 in January 1970. Chart data not available.

Rotary Connection – The weight/Respect

The Chess UK singles – one by one

“The weight” by Rotary Connection was released on Chess CRS 8103 in October 1969. Chart data unavailable.

Atilla and the Huns


Filet of Soul | Michael Peace | tc380

Attilla and the Huns, and the Huns of Time, are known to have been a group called Filet of Soul, whose line up was Rich Legault, Denny Lewan, Michael Peace and Ben Wisniewski from Wisconsin.

The Baroques


The Baroques LP cover | Record Sale | tc389

The Baroques were a rock group formed in 1966 who signed a contract with Chess Records. In 1967 both the album “Iowa” and single “Mary Jane”
were released and banned in the same week when radio stations thought a song called “Mary Jane” was a pro-drug song about marijuana. This track now has cult fame status. The singer of the group was Jay Berkenhagen, who was also a song writer. The group was Dean Nimmer, Rick Bieniewski, Jay Berkenhagen and Jacques Hutchinson.

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