Tony Gregory


Tony Gregory | Jamaica Observer | tc563


Tony Gregory LP cover | RCA | tc564

We think Tony Gregory, who had material issued on GRT Chess in 1965, is the Jamaican singer Tony Gregory, who has toured extensively around the world and after singing with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires in the 1960s became a session singer and solo singer in the US before moving to Europe in the early 1970s, where he met his wife. He is now celebrating more than 50 years in the music business and is still active.

If anyone has other or additional information, please get in touch.—50-years-of-making-beautiful-music

Lee Eldred


A Lee Eldred Mercury label LP Cover | Copyright control | tc465

No biographical details are available for Lee Eldred. Looking at the LP cover available and at the track listing, and listening to some of the lyrics, it is thought that Lee Eldred was an act targeted at the 1970s gay market and Lee may have been a trans or drag performer. Does anyone have any further information, please?

Bad Smoke


The Fabulous Counts | Copyright control | tc443

“Bad Smoke” was another name for a band known as the Counts or the Fabulous Counts, depending on which label they appeared; they hailed from Detroit and were primarily known as a backing group working with Richard “Popcorn” Wylie.

Known members of the band were Mose Davis, Leroy Emmanuel, Demo Cates, Jim White, Raoul Keith Mangrum, Jimmy Jackson and Jimmy Brown, but the exact lineup on the session released on Chess is unknown at the current time. The band split up in 1976 but has recently reformed.

UK Singles – Chess/Polygram


45 Cat | tc441

6145001 – The Dells – The love we had stays on my mind/Freedom means

6145002 – Bo Diddley – I said shut up woman/I love you more than you’ll ever know

6145004 – Ramsey Lewis – Wade in the water/Ain’t that peculiar

6145007 – Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode/Rock and Roll Music/School Days

6145008 – The Dells – Its all up to you/Oh my dear

6145009 – Fontella Bass – Rescue me/Soul of the man

6145010 – Joy Lovejoy – In orbit/Uh hum

6145011 – Muddy Waters – They call me Muddy Waters/Memphis Minnie – Me and my chaufeur/Jimmie Rogers – Walking by myself/Little Johnny Jones – Big Town Playboy

6145012 – Chuck Berry – Down the road apiece/Johnny B Goode/Bo Diddley – You can’t judge a book by the cover/We’re gonna get married

6145013 – Ramsey Lewis – The In Crowd/Soul man

6145016 – Etta James – Tell mama/I’d rather go blind/I found a love

6145017 – Billy Stewart – Sitting in the park/Summertime

6145018 – Koko Taylor – Violent love/Egg or the hen/Wang dang doodle

6145019 – Chuck Berry – My ding a ling/Let’s boogie

6145020 – Chuck Berry – Reeling and rocking/I will not let you go

6145021 – The Kolettes – Who’s that guy/Just how much

6145022 – The Dells – Give your baby a standing ovation/Run for cover

6145024 – Bobby Charles – See you later alligator/James Sugar Boy Crawford – Jock a mo

6145027 – Chuck Berry – South of the border/Bio

6145029 – The Dells – I miss you/Don’t make me a story teller

6145030 – Tony Clarke – Landslide/The entertainer

6145031 – The Dells – Give your baby a standing ovation/Sing a rainbow

6145033 – Etta James – Out on the street again/Come a little closer

6145035 – Free Spirit – Love you just as long as I can/Love you just as long as I can (Instrumental)

6145036 – Big Al Downing – I’ll be holding on/Part 2

6145037 – The Dells – Bring back the love of yesterday/Learning to love you was easy

6145038 – Chuck Berry – Shake rattle and roll/I’m just a name

6078700 – Reuben Wilson – Got to get your own / Pt 2

6078707 – Chuck Berry – Sweet little sixteen/Guitar Boogie

6078709 – Eddie Fontaine – Nothin’ Shakin’/Billy “Curley” Barrix – Cool Off Baby/Rusty York – Sugaree

6146201 – Ray Stevens – The streak/You’ve Got The Music Inside

6198080 – Chuck Berry – Sweet little rock and roller/No particular place to go/Back in the USA

Ray Stevens

The Chess UK singles – one by one


Ray Stevens in 2014 | Billboard | tc440

Singer, songwriter and record producer Harold Ray Ragsdale (Ray Stevens) was born on January 24, 1939. He is remembered for his songs “Everything is beautiful” and his comedy records “Bridget the Midget” and “The streak”. He has spent his entire working life in the music industry, and has received many awards.

“The streak” was released in the US on the Janus/Barnaby label, and in the UK on the Chess label on Chess 6146201 in May 1974.