EP: Little Walter and his Jukes


Track listing:

My babe | I got to go | Thunderbird | Roller Coaster

Released on London RE-U 1061.

EP: Mississippi Blues – Muddy Waters and His Guitar



Track listing:

Young fashioned ways | Mannish boy | All aboard | 40 days and 40 nights

Released on London RE-U 1060.

EP: Rhythm and Blues with Bo Diddley



Track listing:

Bo Diddley | I’m A Man | Bring It To Jerome | Pretty Thing

Released on London RE-U 1054.

EP: Rhythm and Blues with Chuck Berry



Track listing:

Maybelline | Wee Wee Hours | Thirty Days | Together We Will Always Be

Released on London RE-U 1053.

US LP: James Moody – Moody’s Mood for Love



Track listing:

Foolin’ The Blues | Plus Eight | I’m In The Mood For Love | Phil Up | You Go To My Head | Billies Bounce | Stardust | Mean To Me

US No.Argo LP-613.

US LP: Chubby Jackson’s Big Band – Chubby’s Back



Track listing:

Tiny’s Blues | Raffles | Let’s Talk | Mother Knickerbopper | Keester Parade | Flyin’ The Coop | Plymouth Rock

US No. Argo LP-614.

US LP: Chet Roble – Chet Chats



Track listing:

Little Augie Is a Natural Man | Memphis In June | Do You Know What It Means | Judy | Lazy River | Sugar | First Baseball Game | I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me | I’m In the Market For You | Easy Living | Have Another One | Not Me

US No. Argo LP-616.

US LP: Seymour and his Heartbeat Trumpet – Time on my hands



Track listing:

My blue heaven | It had to be you | Pennies from Heaven | I love you truly | It must be you | Time on my hands

US No. Argo LP-617.

US LP: Dick Lane Quartet – Swinging down the Lane


Public domain

Track listing:

Back In Your Own Backyard | I Married An Angel | Making Whoopee | People Will Say We’re In Love | Winter Wonderland | Why Did You Leave Me | A-Tisket A-Tasket | Stormy Weather | Up A Lazy River | Singing In The Rain

US No. Argo LP-615.

US LP: Al Russ Orchestra – Many Moods



Track listing:

Concerto For Lovers | The Girl And The Fiddle | Mood For Piano | Paris Garret | The Violins Are Blue | Sarita Tango | Sympathy | Sunset And Vine | Melody For Maxine | Practice, Practice | The Island | The Light Touch

US No. Argo LP-618.

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