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Update 101 | 14 July 2019


Phil Chess and Leonard Chess stand outside the Chess Records headquarters in Chicago | Undated | Chicago Sun-Times via AP | tc472

Artists in italics: No information available

Saint, Del, and The Devils
Salem Travelers, The
Salley, Jerry
Saloom and Sinclair and Mother Bear
Samuels, Clarence
Sargent, Lou
Satellites, The
Saunders, Slim
Savage, Duke
Saxton, Bobby
Sayles, Johnny
Scales, Harvey
Schwartz, Thornel
Scott, Cindy
Scott, Ray

Scott, Shirley
Seeds of Reason, The
Seminoles, The
Sensations, The
Sentimentals, The
Shades, The

Shades of Brown, The
Shadow, The
Shaprels, The
Sharon, Ralph
Sharps, The
Shavers, Elliott
Shaw, Marlena
Shines, Johnny
Shirtails, The
Sigler, Bunny
Silva, Mike
Silva Tones, The
Silver Stars, The
Simmons, Gene
Simmons, Little Mac
Simpson, Mike, and his Orchestra
Singer, Artie
Simmons, The
Sisco, Bobby
Sixteen Nineteen B A B
Slay, Emmitt
Slim, Memphis
Slim, Sunnyland
Slim, T. V.
Small Town World, The
Smith, Bill, Combo, The
Smith, Floyd
Smith, Harold, and his Majestic Choir
Smith, Kenny
Smith, Penny

Smith, Tab
Smitty, Blue
Snow, Valaida
Solitaires, The
Sonics, The
Soulful Strings, The
Soul, Sister, and Lucy Rodgers Singers, The
Soul Stirrers, The
South, Eddie
Southern Echoes, The
Southern Stars, The

Spencer and Spencer
Spires, Arthur “Big Boy”
Spiritual Stars, The
Stampley, Joe
Standards, The
Stanley, Ray
Starlettes, The
Stephens, Tenison
Stevens, Ray
Stepney, Charles
Stereos, The
Stewart, Billy
Stewart, Bobby, Combo, The
Stidham, Arbee
Stitt, Sonny
Stone, Rock
Story, Allen
Strangers, The

Students, The
Swan, Jimmy
Swans, The
Swanson, Benice
Sykes, Forrest

T, (Tucker), Tommy and the Federal Reserve
Tarver, Leon D.
Taylor, Florian (Felice)
Taylor, Hound Dog
Taylor, Koko
T Birds, The
Tell, Willie, and Overtures, The
Terrell, Ernie
Terrell, Tammi
Teasers, The
Terry and the Pirates

Terry, Sonny
Tex, Joe
Tibbs, Andrew
Timmons, Terry
Thomas, Al Fats
Thomas, Irma
Thomas, Jamo
Thomas, Jon
Thomas, Lafayette Jerl
Thomas, Rufus
Thompson, Eli “Lucky”
Thompson, Johnny
Three Degrees, The
Three Souls, The
Tiffanies, The
Tim and Jean
TNJ’s, The

Tolliver, Kim
Tommy and Cleve
Topsy, Tiny
Tracy, Wendell
Trashmen, The
Trends, The
Trent, Tommy
Trick Shot
Trueleers, The

Truth, The
Tucker, Tommy
Tuggle, Bobby
Tune Weavers, The
Turner, Alison and Calvin
Turner, Carlo
Twilighters, The

Twist, Johnny
Two B’s, The

Upchurch, Phil

V, Cookie
Valentinos, The
Vance, Joel
Vashonettes, The
Vectors, The
Vega, Carol
Vernon, Millie
Vibrations, The
Violinaires, The
Vontastics, The

Walker, Wayne
Walker, Willie
Ware, Eddie
Warner, “Little” Sonny
Ward, Herb
Washboard Sam
Washington, Earl
Washington, Justine “Baby”
Waters, Muddy
Watkins, Billy
Watkins, Katie
Weaver, Jackie
Webber, Lee

Weiss, George
West, Dodie
West, Willie
Wild Fire
Wildweeds, The
Wilette, Baby Face
Williams, Albert
Williams, Andre
Williams, Charles “Hungry”
Williams, Emery “Detroit Junior”
Williams, Jody
Williams, Joe
Williams, Johnny
Williams, Larry
William Singers, The
Williamson, Sonny Boy II
Williams, Tawny
Willie, Rhythm
Wilson, Reuben
Windjammers, The
Windy City Four, The
Witherspoon, Jimmy
Wolf, Howlin’
Womack, Bobby
Woodard, Jerry
Wright, Beverley Ann
Wright, Eugene
Wurds, The (a.k.a. Dirty Wurds, The)

York, Rusty
Young, Billy

Young, Dave, Orchestra leader
Young, Kevin

Zeet Band, The

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