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Update 132 | 14 February 2020


Phil Chess and Leonard Chess stand outside the Chess Records headquarters in Chicago | Undated | Chicago Sun-Times via AP | tc472

Artists in italics: No information available

Saint, Del, and The Devils, 1935-
Salem Travelers, The
Salinas, Daniel
Salley, Jerry

Saloom and Sinclair and Mother Bear
Samuels, Clarence, 1923-2002.
Sargent, Lou, 1929-1999.
Satellites, The
Saunders, Slim, 1929-1998.
Savage, Duke
Saxton, Bobby
Sayles, Johnny, 1937-1993.
Scales, Harvey, 1940-2019.
Schwartz, Thornel, 1927-1977.
Scott, Cindy
Scott, Ray

Scott, Shirley, 1934-2002.
Seeds of Reason, The
Seminoles, The
Sensations, The
Sentimentals, The
Shades, The

Shades of Brown, The
Shadow, The
Shaprels, The
Sharon, Ralph, 1923-2015.
Sharps, The
Shavers, Elliott
Shaw, Gene, 1926-1973.
Shaw, Marlena, 1942-
Shihab, Sahib, 1925-1989.
Shines, Johnny, 1915-1992.
Shirtails, The
Sigler, Bunny
Silva, Mike
Silva Tones, The
Silver Stars, The
Silverstein, Shel, 1930-1999.
Simmons, Gene
Simmons, Little Mac
Simpson, Mike, and his Orchestra
Singer, Artie
Simmons, Norman, 1929-
Simmons, The
Sims, Zoot, 1925-1985.
Sisco, Bobby, 1932-2005.
Sixteen Nineteen B A B
Slay, Emmitt
Slim, Memphis, 1915-1988.
Slim, Sunnyland, 1906-1995.
Slim, T. V. , 1916-1969.
Small Town World, The
Smith, Bill, Combo, The
Smith, Floyd, 1917-1982.
Smith, Harold, 1934-1983, and his Majestic Choir
Smith, Kenny
Smith, Osborne
Smith, Penny

Smith, Tab, 1909-1971
Smitty, Blue, b. 1924, deceased.
Snow, Valaida, 1904-1956.
Solitaires, The
Sonics, The
Soulful Strings, The
Soul, Sister, and Lucy Rodgers Singers, The
Soul Stirrers, The
South, Eddie, 1904-1962.
Southern Echoes, The
Southern Stars, The

Spencer and Spencer
Spires, Arthur “Big Boy”, 1912-1990.
Spiritual Stars, The
Stampley, Joe, 1943-
Standards, The
Stanley, Ray
Starlettes, The
Status Quo
Stephens, Tenison
Stepney, Charles, 1931-1976.
Stereos, The
Stewart, Billy, 1937-1970.
Stewart, Bobby, Combo, The
Stidham, Arbee, 1917-1988.
Stitt, Sonny, 1924-1982.
Stone, Rock
Story, Allen

Stover, Smokey, 1931-1975.
Strangers, The
Students, The
Swan, Jimmy, 1912-1994.
Swans, The
Swanson, Benice, d. 1992.
Sykes, Forrest

T, (Tucker), Tommy and the Federal Reserve
Tamiko, 1945-
Tarver, Leon D.
Taylor, Billy, 1921-2010.
Taylor, Florian (Felice), 1948-
Taylor, Hound Dog, 1915-1975.
Taylor, Koko, 1928-2009.
T Birds, The
Teasers, The
Tell, Willie, and Overtures, The
Terrell, Ernie, 1929-2014.
Terrell, Tammi, 1945-1970.
Terry and the Pirates
Terry, Clark, 1920-2015.
Terry, Sonny, 1911-1986.
Tex, Joe, 1935-1982.
Tibbs, Andrew, 1929-1981.
Timmons, Terry, 1927-1970.
Thomas, Al Fats
Thomas, Irma, 1941-
Thomas, Jamo
Thomas, Jon
Thomas, Lafayette Jerl, 1928-1977.
Thomas, Rufus, 1917-2001.
Thompson, Eli “Lucky”, 1924-2005.
Thompson, Johnny
Three Degrees, The
Three Souls, The
Tiffanies, The
Tim and Jean
TNJ’s, The

Tolliver, Kim
Tommy and Cleve
Topsy, Tiny, 1930-1964.
Touff, Cy, 1927-2003.
Tracy, Wendell
Trashmen, The
Trends, The
Trenier, Milt
Trent, Tommy, 1924-2003.
Trick Shot
Trueleers, The

Truth, The
Tucker, Tommy, 1933-1982.
Tuggle, Bobby
Tune Weavers, The
Turner, Alison and Calvin
Turner, Carlo
Twilighters, The

Twist, Johnny
Two B’s, The

Upchurch, Phil, 1941-

V, Cookie, 1948-1999.
Valentinos, The
Vance, Joel
Vashonettes, The
Vectors, The
Vega, Carol
Vernon, Millie
Vibrations, The
Violinaires, The
Vontastics, The

Wacker, Fred, d. 1998.
Walker, Wayne, 1925-1979.
Walker, Willie, 1941-2019.
Ware, Eddie
Warner, “Little” Sonny, 1930-2007.
Ward, Herb, 1937-2012.
Washboard Sam, 1910-1966.
Washington, Earl, 1921-1975.
Washington, Justine “Baby”, 1940-
Waters, Muddy, 1913-1983.
Watkins, Billy
Watkins, Katie
Watson, Johnny “Guitar”, 1935-1996.
Weaver, Jackie
Webber, Lee

Weiss, George, 1921-2010.
West, Dodie
West, Willie, 1941-
Whitewater, Archie
Wild Fire
Wildweeds, The
Wilette, Baby Face, 1933-1971.
Williams, Albert
Williams, Andre, 1936-2019.
Williams, Charles “Hungry”, 1935-1986.
Williams, Dick, 1926-2018.
Williams, Emery “Detroit Junior”, 1931-2005.
Williams, Jody, 1935-2018.
Williams, Joe, 1918-1999.
Williams, Johnny, 1942-
Williams, Larry, 1935-1980.
William Singers, The
Williamson, Sonny Boy II, 1912-1965.
Williams, Tawny
Willie, Rhythm, 1910-?
Wills, O (Oscar) – See Slim, T.V.
Wilson, Reuben, 1935-
Winchester, Lem, 1928-1961.
Windjammers, The
Windy City Four, The
Winters, Pinky, 1930-
Witherspoon, Jimmy, 1920-1997.
Wolf, Howlin’, 1910-1976.
Womack, Bobby, 1944-2014.
Woodard, Jerry, 1941-1980.
Woode, Jimmy, 1926-2005.
Wright, Beverley Ann
Wright, Eugene, 1923-
Wright, Willie
Wurds, The (a.k.a. Dirty Wurds, The)

Yarbrough, Martin, 1937-
York, Rusty, 1935-
Young, Billy, 1941-1999.
Young, Dave, Orchestra leader
Young, Eldee, 1936-2007.
Young, John, 1922-2008, Trio.
Young, Kevin

Zeet Band, The

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