People M to R

127 | 14 February 2020


Zeegrooves | 14637

Artists in italics: no information available

Mack, Andy
Mae, Ethel

Maessen, Liv
Magic Swirling Ship, The
Magnificents, The
Mainieri, Mike, 1938-
Majestics, The
Mallard, Oett “Sax”, 1915-1986.
Mandala, The
Mandells, The
Marathons, The
March, Tony
Margaret and Carol

Markham, Pigmeat, 1904-1981.
Marmarosa, Dodo, 1925-2002.
Mars, Mitzi
Martin, Fred
Mary and the Desirables

Mason, Jerry, 1942-
Masonic Wonders, The
Mathis, Johnny, 1933-2011.
Matta Baby, The
Maurice and Mac
Maxwell, Holly, 1945-
Maye, Lee, 1934-2002.
Mayes, Zilla, d. 1995.
Mayfield, Percy, 1920-1984.
May, Gloria
McClure, Bobby, 1942-1992.
McCall, Cash, 1941-2019.
McCracklin, Jimmy, 1921-2012.
McDuff, Eddie, 1935-1968.
McDuff, “Brother” Jack, 1926-2001.
McGarity, Lou, 1917-1971.
McGhee, Howard, 1918-1917, and Blazers, The
McKelvey, George, 1936-2009.
McLawler, Sarah, 1926-2017.
McLin, Claude , 1925-1995.
McPartland, Marion, 1918-2013.
McRaney, Edna
McRitchie, Greig
Meditation Singers, The
Megatons, The, Billy Lee Riley 1933-2009.
Melavano, Orchestra
Mellow Larks, The
Messiahs of Glory, The

Metropolitan Jazz Quartet, The
Miller, Marcie
Milton, Little, 1934-2005.
Miner, Raynard, 1946-
Minnie, Memphis, 1897-1973.
Minute Men, The
Miracles, The
Miranda, Billy
Mitchell, Billy, 1926-2001.
Mitchell, McKinley, 1934-1986.
Mitchell, Stanley, 1935-2006, and the Tornados
Mole, Miff, 1898-1961.
Monotones, The
Montgomery, Tammy, 1945-1970.
Monti, Lee
Moody, James, 1925-2010.
Moonglows, The
Moore, Bobby, 1930-2006, and The Rhythm Aces
Moore, “Gatemouth”, 1913-2004.
Moore, Shelley, 1932-2016.
Morehouse, Alan, Orchestra
Moreno, Buddy, 1912-2015.
Morgan, Bill
Morgan, Tony, and Muscle Power
Morning Echoes, The

Morrisette, Johnny, 1935-2000.
Mosse, Sandy, 1929-1983.
Myles and Dupont

Nash, Johnny, 1940-
Natural Four, The
Nellis, Jeanette
Nelson, Jimmy, 1919-2007.
Nelson, Oliver, 1932-1975.
Neptunes, The
Nettles, Roosevelt
Neville, Art, 1937-2019.
New Direction, The
Newman, Joe, 1922-1992.
New Zealand Trading Company, The
Nichol, Jimmy
Nichols, Tommy

Nighthawk, Robert (a.k.a. Nighthawks, The), 1909-1967.
Nite Caps, The
Nix, Willie, 1922-1991.
Nixon, James “Nick”, 1941-2018, and Past Present and Future
Noble, Nick
Norfolk Singers, The
Norman, Harvey

Norvells, The

Ocapellas, The
O’Day, Pat
Oden, James “St Louis Jimmy”, 1903-1977.
O’Jays, The
Oldham, Spooner, 1943-
Olson, Brian, “Rocky”, see Jet Tones, The
One Eyed Jacks, The
Orbits, The
Orr, Billy
Ovations, The
Overbea, Danny, 1926-1994.
Overman, Rune, (Öfwerman, Rune), 1932-2013.
Overnight Low

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson
Paige, Hal
Paradiddle, Professor

Parker, Leo, 1925-1962.
Parris, Fred, 1936-
Parrots, The
Pastels, The
Pate, Johnny, 1923-
Patterson, Don, 1936-1988.
Paul, Billy, 1934-2016.
Peck, John
Pejoe, Morris, 1924-1982.
Penny and Ekos, The (Reba Jeanette Smith), 1928-2001.
Perrett, David
Perry, Greg
Persson, Åke, 1932-1975.
Peters, George
Peterson, Jimmy
Phelps, James, 1932-2010.
Piersol, Jeannie
Pilgrim Harmonaires, The

Pilhofer, Herb, 1931-, Trio
Plummer, Betty Jean, a.k.a. Jean Plum, 1954-
Pomus, Doc, 1925-1991.
Ponder, Jimmy, 1946-2013.
Pope, Sister Lucille and The Pearly Gates
Post, Jim and Cathy
Power and Light
Price, Bob

Price, Vito, 1929-
Prophets, The
Prysock, Red, 1926-1993.
Pugh, Joe Bennie (Forest City Joe), 1926-1960.

Quintones, The

Radiants, The
Raines, Rita
Randle, Cleo Jackson, d. 2004.
Ravens, The
Rays, The
Redding, Edward,? d.1984.
Red, Guitar
Red, Louisiana, 1932-2012.
Red, Piano, 1911-1985.
Reed, Lula, 1926-2008.
Regents, The
Revels, The
Reynolds, Jeannie, d.1980.
Rich, Buddy, 1917-1987.
Richardson, Jerry
Rico and Ronnie
Rico, Ron
Ripperton, Minnie, 1947-1979.
Roach, Max
Robb, Dee
Robbins, Mel, 1938-
Roberts, Rocky, 1941-2005.
Robinson, Freddie, 1939-2009.
Roble, Chet
Rodgers, Lucy
Rodney, Red, 1927-1994.
Roecker, Sherrill, 1942-2004.
Rogers, Jimmy, 1924-1997.
Rogers, Timmie, 1914-2006.
Ron and Bill
Ronk, Dave Van, 1936-2002.
Root, Billy, 1934-
Ross, Isaiah, Dr, 1925-1993, and his Jump Jive Boys.
Ross, Jackie, 1946-
Ross, Johnny
Rotary Connection
Rucker, Laura
Ruffin, David, 1941-1991.
Ruffin, Jimmy, 1929-1914.
Rush, Bobby, 1933-
Rush, Otis, 1934-2018.
Russ, Al, Orchestra
Rustix, The

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