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103 | 13 November 2019


Zeegrooves | 14637

Artists in italics: no information available

Mack, Andy
Mae, Ethel

Maessen, Liv
Magic Swirling Ship, The
Magnificents, The
Majestics, The
Mallard, Oett “Sax”
Mandala, The
Mandells, The
Marathons, The
March, Tony
Margaret and Carol

Markham, Pigmeat
Mars, Mitzi
Martin, Fred
Mary and the Desirables

Mason, Jerry
Masonic Wonders, The
Mathis, Johnny
Matta Baby, The
Maurice and Mac
Maxwell, Holly
Maye, Lee
Mayes, Zilla
Mayfield, Percy
May, Gloria
McClure, Bobby
McCall, Cash
McCracklin, Jimmy
McRaney, Edna
McDuff, Eddie
McDuff, “Brother” Jack
McGhee, Howard, and Blazers, The
McLawler, Sarah
McLin, Claude
Meditation Singers, The
Megatons, The
Mellow Larks, The
Messiahs of Glory, The
Milton, Little
Miner, Raynard
Minnie, Memphis
Minute Men, The
Miracles, The
Miranda, Billy
Mitchell, McKinley
Mitchell, Stanley, and the Tornados
Mole, Miff
Monotones, The
Montgomery, Tammy
Monti, Lee
Moody, James
Moonglows, The
Moore, Bobby, and The Rhythm Aces
Moore, “Gatemouth”
Morehouse, Alan, Orchestra
Moreno, Buddy
Morgan, Bill
Morgan, Tony, and Muscle Power
Morning Echoes, The

Morrisette, Johnny
Myles and Dupont

Nash, Johnny
Natural Four, The
Nellis, Jeanette
Nelson, Jimmy
Nelson, Oliver
Neptunes, The
Nettles, Roosevelt
New Direction, The
New Zealand Trading Company, The
Nichol, Jimmy
Nichols, Tommy

Nighthawk, Robert (a.k.a. Nighthawks, The)
Nite Caps, The
Nix, Willie
Nixon, James “Nick” and Past Present and Future
Noble, Nick
Norfolk Singers, The
Norman, Harvey

Norvells, The

Ocapellas, The
O’Day, Pat
Oden, James “St Louis Jimmy”
O’Jays, The
Oldham, Spooner
Olson, Brian, “Rocky”, see Jet Tones, The
One Eyed Jacks, The
Orbits, The
Orr, Billy
Ovations, The
Overbea, Danny
Overman, Rune
Overnight Low

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson
Paige, Hal
Parker, Leo
Parris, Fred
Parrots, The
Pastels, The
Pate, Johnny
Paul, Billy
Peck, John
Pejoe, Morris
Penny and Ekos, The
Perrett, David
Perry, Greg
Peters, George
Peterson, Jimmy
Phelps, James
Piersol, Jeannie
Pilgrim Harmonaires, The

Plummer, Betty Jean, a.k.a. Jean Plum
Pomus, Doc
Pope, Sister Lucille and The Pearly Gates
Post, Jim and Cathy
Power and Light
Price, Bob

Price, Vito
Prophets, The
Prysock, Red
Pugh, Joe Bennie (Forest City Joe)

Quintones, The

Radiants, The
Raines, Rita
Randle, Cleo Jackson
Ravens, The
Rays, The
Redding, Edward
Red, Guitar
Red, Louisiana
Red, Piano
Reed, Lula
Regents, The
Revels, The
Reynolds, Jeannie
Rich, Buddy
Richardson, Jerry
Rico and Ronnie
Rico, Ron
Ripperton, Minnie
Robb, Dee
Robbins, Mel
Roberts, Rocky
Robinson, Freddie
Rodgers, Lucy
Roecker, Sherrill
Rogers, Jimmy
Rogers, Timmie
Ron and Bill
Ross, Doctor, and his Jump Jive Boys
Ross, Isaiah, Dr
Ross, Jackie
Ross, Johnny
Rotary Connection
Rucker, Laura
Ruffin, David
Ruffin, Jimmy
Rush, Bobby
Rush, Otis
Rustix, The

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