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Leonard Chess, Marshall Chess and Phil Chess | Undated | Chicago Sun Times/Associated Press | tc471

Artists in italics: No information available

Galaxies, The
Galore, Mamie
Garrett, Jo Ann
Gay Singers, The
Gayten, Paul
Gems, The
Gene, Jiving
Gene The Hat
Gibson, Daddyo

Gideon, Tony
Gigolos, The
The Girls Three Jess, Dot And Me
Glasser, Dick
Glenn, Jerry
Godfrey, John, Trio
Good, Dick
Goodies, The

Goodman, Benny
Gordon, Lena
Gordon, Rosco
Gordon, Stomp
Gospel Classics, The
Gospel Wonders, The
Grady, Don
Graham, Gene

Gray, Henry
Green, Bunky
Green, Clarence
Gregory, Tony, and Family Child
Griffin, Buddy
Grissom, Jimmy
Groner, Duke
Gross, Felix
Gross Sisters, The

Guy, Browley, and Skyscrapers, The
Guy, Buddy

Hamilton, Dave
Happy Return, The
Hall, Reggie
Hargrove, Danny
Harris, Jackie
Hawkettes, The
Hawkins, Dale
Hayes, Sherman
Haynes, Dave
Heard, J C
Hebb, Bobby
Henry, Clarence “Frogman”
Herman, Woody
Hibbler, Al
Higgins, Monk
Highlighters, The
Hill, J C
Hill, Jessie
Hinds, Baby John
Hiorns, Dick
Holland, Craig
Hollywood Flames, The
Hollywood Tri Tones, The
Holy Wanderers, The
Holy Wonders, The

Honey and the Bees
Hooker, Earl
Hooker, John Lee
Hooks, Little, and Kings, The
Hope, Lynn
Horton, Big Walter “Shakey”
Huey, Baby, and Baby Sitters, The
Hughes, Fred
Huns, Atilla and the
Hunt, Geraldine
Hunter, Ty
Hutton, Harold “Bobby”

Ideals, The
Impalas, The
Inspirationals, The
Interpreters, The
Invincibles, The

Jackie and Tut
Jackson, Bullmoose
Jackson, George
Jackson, Jump
Jacquet, Illinois
Jacobs, Eddy
Jake, Boogie
Jamal, Ahmad
James, Betty
James, Elmore
James, Etta
James, Jessey
Jarmain, Robb

Jazztet, The
Jazz Wailers, The
Jefferson, Eddie
Jelks, Rev. H.R.
Jenkins, Bobo
Jenkins, Duke
Jenkins, Gus
Jennings, Maurice “Moe”
Johnnie and Joe
Johnny and Diane
Johnson, Budd
Johnson, Doug
Johnson, Eddie
Johnson, Ernest
Johnson, Wilko
Jones, Davey

Jones, Floyd
Jones, Linda
Jones, Little Johnny
Jones, Tamiko
Jordan, Ellington
Jordan, Jaye
Josie, Lou
Junior Misses, The

Kari, Sax
Kash, Ken, Kwintet, The
Kay, Johnny, and Aristocrats, The
Kendall Sisters, The
Kendricks, Willie
Kent, Al
Kents, The
Key Tones, The
Kindly Shepherds, The
King Bees, The

King, Earl
King, Joey
King Solomon
Kirby, George
Kirkland, Leroy
Kittens, The
Klemmer, John
Knight, Baker
Knight Brothers, The
Knight, Danny
Knight, Jessee

Kolettes, The
Komack, Jimmy

Laine, Bette
LaSalle, Denise
Lastle, David
Lateef, Yusef
Lazar, Sam
Leake, Lafayette
Lee, Janet
Lee, Jimmy
Lee, Laura
Lee, “Leapy”
Lemac, Johnny
Lenoir, J B
Leroy, Baby Face
Lewis, Bobby
Lewis, Ramsey, Trio, The
Lewis, “Singing” Sammy
Ligett, Larry
Lime, The
Linde, John
Lindsay, Oscar
Littlejohn, John
Lloyd, Glenn
Lockets, The
London, Paul, and Kapers, The

Long, Joey
Longley, Chuck
Lot, The

Louis, Joe Hill
Louis (Lewis), The Rev, “Singing” Sammy
Love, Amanda
Love and Brotherhood

Love, Billy Red
Lovejoy, Joy
Lovettes, The
Love, Marvell (a.k.a. Marvelle and the Blue Match)
Luce, Milson
Luther, Little

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