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Update 105 | 11 November 2019


Kevin Dooley | 14636

Names in italics: No information available

Abbott, Jerry
Adams, Alberta
Adams, “Dr” Jo Jo
Adams, Tony
Adams, Woodrow Wilson
Aesop’s Fables, The
Alaimo, Steve
Alexandria, Lorez
Allen, Dean
American Gypsy
Ammons, Gene
Anderson, Jesse
Anderson, Kip
Anderson, Robert
Andrews, Lee, and The Hearts
Antell, Peter
Anthony, LaMont
Archia, Tom
Arnold, Billy Boy
Ashby, Dorothy
Ashe, Clarence
Avantis, The
Avenue, Lenox

Bad Smoke
Baker, Butch
Ballenger, The Rev. Robert
Ballard, Hank
Baloon Busters, The
Bama the Village Poet
Banks, Doug
Barden, Jimmy

Barge, Gene
Barnes, Sidney
Barnum, Eve
Baroques, The
Barrett, Rev, Thomas Lee
Barrix, Billy
Bass, Fontella
Bass, Martha
Bayou Boys, The
Beavers, Jackey
Beck, Elder Charles D.
Bell, Archie, and Drells, The
Bell, Jimmie
Bells of Joy, The
Bernard, Chuck
Bernard, Rod
Berry, Chuck
Bill and Will
Binkley, Jimmy
Black, Allen
Black Merda
Blakeman, Guy
Bland, Billy
Bland, Bobby
Blanque, Bobby
Blind Boys of Alabama, The
Blue Jays, The
Blue, Little Joe
Bluesingers, The
Blues Rockers, The
Bo, Big, (Willie “Big Bo” Thomas) and Arrows, The
Bo, Eddie
Bollinger, William
Booker, Arthur and James
Boomerangs, The
Bostick, Calvin
Bo Street Runners, The
Bowman, Jimmy
Boyd, Eddie
Bradford, Eddie
Bradix, Big Charlie “Chas”
Bradley, James
Bradley, Jan
Bradley, Mamie
Bradshaw, Carolyn
Branch, Ben
Brannon, Linda
Brenston, Jackie
Brewsteraires, The
Bridges, Russell
Brim, John
Brooks, Lonnie
Broonzy, Big Bill
Brown, Barbara, and The Browns
Brown, Doug
Brown, Earl
Brown, Gloria
Brown, Kelly
Brown, Leon

Brown, Odell
Bryant, Ray
Bryant, “Little” Sammie
Buckner, Milt
Burke, Solomon
Burns, Eddie “Guitar”
Byrd, Donna
Bystanders, The

Caffrey, Robert
Calvaes, The
Campbell, Edgar
Campus Singers, The
Cannon, Jackie
Capitol Showband, The
Carltons, The
Carr, Barbara
Carter, Mickey
Cash, Alvin
Casper, Bobby
Cato, Joe
Challengers, The

Chalmers, Charles
Chambers, The Rev.
Chamblee, Eddie
Chanceteers, The
Chandler, Gene
Chants, The
Charles, Bobby
Chenier, Clifton
Chatman, Christine
Chessmen, The
Chesterfields, The
Chickabees, The Four

Christland Singers, The
Christmas, Connie
Churchill, Savannah
Cisco, Bobby
Clark, Charles
Clarke, Tony
Clark, Lucky
Clefs, The
Cleveland Golden Echoes, The
Clickettes, The
Cochran, Wayne
Co-Eds, The
Collier, Mitty
Cooke, L.C.
Cookie and Cupcakes, The
Cooper, Prince, Trio, The
Corby, Chuck
Corner Boys, The
Cornshucks, Little Miss
Coronets, The
Corsairs, The
Cortez, Dave “Baby”
Cotton, James
Cox, Sonny – see also “Three Souls”
C-Quinns, The
Craig, Roger

Crawford, Sugar Boy
Crazy Rabbits, The
Crew Cuts, The
Crockett, George L.
Crudup, Arthur “Big Boy”
Crume Brothers, The
Cryor, Jessee
Cubs, Chicago, The, Clark Street Band
Cummings, Carol
Cummings, Larry

Curtis, Prince

Daltrey, Roger
Daps, The
Darnell, Larry
Daughters of Eve, The
Dave and The Shadows
Davis, Andrea
Davis, Bill
Davis, George, Quintet, The

Davis, Roquel “Billy”
Davis, J. C.

Day, Sonny, and Versatiles, The
Daylighters, The
Bobby Dean
Dean and Mark
Dean and Michael
Dee, Don

Dees, Sam
Dells, The
Del Phis, The
DeSanto, Sugar Pie
DeWolf, Dean
Diamond, Larry
Diddley, Bo
Dixieland Singers, The
Dixon, Floyd
Dixon, James
Dixon, Luther
Dixon, Willie
Dobbin, Joe
Dodds, Nella
Dollar, Beau
Donaldson, Lou
Don and Bob
Donley, Jimmy
Doris and Joe
Downing, Al “Big”
Dozier Boys, The
Drain, Charles
Dramatics, The
Dranes, Earl
Dream Kings, The
Driving Stupid, The
D’Rone, Frank
Dudley, James
DuShon, Jean

Eaton, Cleveland
Ecuadors, The
Eddie and Ernie
Edwards, Esmond
Elbert, Donnie
Eldred, Lee
Eleventh Commandment, The
Ellis and Dixon Spiritual Group, The

El Rays, The
Emperor, The
Encores, The
Entertainers, The
Erber, Johnny
Evangelist Gospel Singers of Alabama, The

Evans, Richard

Fairlanes, The
Faithful Wonders, The
Falcons, The
Farmer, Art
Farlow, Stan
Faulkcon, Laurence
Feldman, Ammon

Fender, Freddy
Fenways, The
Ferguson, Davis and Lee
Ferko String Band, The
Fields, Herbie
Fisher, Eddie
Five Blazes, The
Five Miles High
Five Notes, The
Flamingos, The
Fleming, King
Floyd, Harmonica Frank
Fontaine, Eddie
Ford, Jack
Forsyth, Ed
Fort, Rubien

Fortunes, The
Foster, “Baby Face” Leroy
Four Jewels, The
Four Tops, The
Fox, Eugene
Frank, Harmonica, see Floyd, Frank, “Harmonica”
Franklin, Aretha
Franklin, The Rev. C. L.
Franklin, Ernest, Rev
Frazier, Calvin
Frazier, Ray, and Shades of Madness, The
Free Spirit
Friendly Five, The
Frisco Singers, The
Fuller, Johnny
Fuller, Rocky
Fulson, Lowell
Fuqua, Harvey

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