CD: The Moonglows – The complete singles


cd1098 | Amazon

Released in 2016, this CD features all the Moonglows singles, both A and B sides, including those issued on the Chess and Chance labels.

Track listing:

The Moonglows: I just can’t tell no lie | I’ve been your dog | The Moonglows and Red Holloway’s Orchestra: Baby please | Whistle my love | Just a lonely Christmas | Hey Santa Claus | Secret Love | Real gone Mama | I was wrong | OOh rockin’ Daddy | My gal | 219 train | The Moonglows: Sincerely | Tempting | My loving baby | So all alone | The hug and a kiss | New gal | She’s gone | Most of all | Foolish me | Slow down | Starlite | In love | In my diary | Lover love me | We go together | Chickie um bah | Seesaw | When I’m with you | Over and over again | I knew from the start | I’m afraid the masquerade is over | Don’t say goodbye | Please send me someone to love | Mr Engineer | The beating of my heart | Confess it to your heart | Too late | Here I am | In the middle of the night | Soda pop | This love | Sweeter than Words | Ten commandments of love | Mean old blues | Love is a river | I’ll never stop wanting you | Twelve months of the year | Don’t be afraid of love | Mama Loocie | Unemployment | Beatnik | Junior | Blue velvet | Penny arcade

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