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We understand that singer Billy Watkins is the Rev. Billy Watkins, who is understood to be deceased. Can anyone confirm that the image above is of the correct person, and does anyone have biographical data, please.

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  1. Jerry Lorenzen says:

    I have a record by Billy Watkins called “Many Shades Of Gospel” I purchased it at a estate sale in Fayetteville NC that was for for Jimmy Carters sister Ruth Carter! The record had a inner cover that have pictures of Billy Watkins with Jesse Jackson, the funeral for Nat King Cole and his vocal coach Madame Vesta Roini etc. The pictures of Billy Watkins were taken when he was probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s but he is the person in your picture. Also I found a letter to Ruth Cater from a J. Marten with the album. The letter has a heading “The Social Register” 1210 North Saint Andrews Place, Hollywood California 90038 along with a phone number. In the letter J. Marten writes: Dear Ruth Billy Watkins, the international gospel singer and I enjoyed your “5 root causes” today. Here is one of Billy’s albums. Bless you. I also purchased a record by Jim Jones called Message for The Total Man. Ruth must have loved gospel music. If you need any more information etc. Contact me anytime.

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