The Entertainers

The Entertainers were a group formed in Muscle Shoals by Dan Penn, and were Louis (L.J.) Cooper, Grant Qualls, Roy Lee Pirtle and Charles Smith. The tracks were leased to Chess for distribution in March 1966 but the recording is thought to have sold poorly.

There is a current country music artist called Grant Qualls, does anyone know whether this is the same person, please.

We have traced a Roy Lee Pirtle to Texas, the gentleman is in his seventies, does anyone know whether this is the same person, please.

Thanks to Marc for the information regarding this recording.


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  1. Paul says:

    Marc comments:

    ‘The Entertainers’ were a group that Dan Penn found and funded a recording of in probably 1965. In 1966 they signed the sides, “Too Much” & “I Tried to Tell You”, to Chess Records. This Chess relationship started when The Fairlanes signed to the Chess subsidiary Argo. There was also a track cut on a song called “BLT” that was written by Dan Penn and Donnie Fritts. This song was never released. I’m going to see if we have a copy. Chess owns these masters but they were cut at FAME and signed to FAME Recording Co. Inc. The only accounting we have it had sold 1,761 units on 6-30-1966.. the master purchase agreement was 1.3.1966. The groups US form 1099 tax info was filed in 1965.
    The Entertainers are: Louis (L.J.) Cooper / Grant Qualls / Roy Lee Pirtle / Charles Smith*
    (Source: Rodney Hall on Oct 22,2008)

    *Charles Smith worked with producer Dewey Vandiver in Muscle Shoals, recording at Vandiver’s Quad City studio and at other local studios, including Fame. Charles Smith & Jeff Cooper had a big regional seller in 1972 with My Great Loss (Ashes To Ashes) and Smith followed it with three studio singles.

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