Bobby Saxton

Chicago based blues singer Bobby Saxton is mainly known for his Checker recording “Trying to make a living” which was originally issued on the Bea and Baby label then picked up by Chess for national distribution. Earl Hooker is understood to be playing lead guitar on this recording, which dates from around 1960.

No pictures of this artist have been located. Can anyone help with more information about Bobby Saxton, please.


2 thoughts on “Bobby Saxton

  1. Saxton, a native of Peoria, Illinois, was a newcomer on the Chicago scene at the time of his Bea & Baby date. In spite of the unexpected success of his ephemeral association with Hooker on record, he later settled in Washington, D.C., where he became one of the local club fixtures. (Ref.:Sebastian Danchin – Earl Hooker Blues Master)

    Bobby Saxton also recorded a duet with Minnie thomas : ‘Trouble But Sweet’ (MARK IV 1144) – (c. 1962)

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