Various Artists – Where the girls are – CD



Various Artists – Where the girls are: Help Me – Mitty Collier/My Mama Told Me – Barbara Carr/Your Kind of Lovin’ – Jan Bradley/A Whole New Plan – Jo Ann Garrett/ Pushover – Etta James/She’s Got Everything – Sugar Pie De Santo with Joe Hudson’s Band/He’s My Guy – Margaret and Carol/Just How Much – Kolettes/This Time Tomorrow – Tammy Montgomery/As I Watch You Walk Away – Jean Dushon/How Long – The Kittens/He Makes Me Feel So Good – The Gems/You Gave Me Soul – Andrea Davis/Safe and Sound – Fontella Bass/You Really Know How To Hurt A Girl – Jackie Ross/I Let Myself Go – Geraldine Hunt/One Little Thing – Carol Vega/Is It A Sin? – Tamiko Jones/Pretty Little Words – Tawney Williams/A Love Of Mine – The Lovettes/Don’t ‘Cha Know – The Lockets/Party Across The Hall – Yvonne Baker and The Sensations/I Just Can’t Help It – The Clickettes/You’re Changing – Mary and The Desirables/Jing Jing A Ling – Honey and The Bees/My Baby’s Real – The Starlets



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