Howlin’ Wolf – The Complete Chess Masters – CD



Wolf, Howlin’ – Smokestack Lightning /The Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960: Moanin’ At Midnight/How Many More Years/How Many More Years/The Wolf Is At Your Door/California Boogie/Smile At Me/Howlin’ Wolf Boogie/California Blues #1/Look-A-Here Baby/Worried All The Time/Gettin’ Old And Grey/Mr. Highway Man/Everybody’s In The Mood/Color And Kind/Bluebird/Saddle My Pony/Dorothy Mae (Alternate Take)/Dorothy Mae/Sweet Woman/(Well) That’s All Right/Decoration Day/Oh! Red/My Last Affair/I’ve Got A Woman/Just My Kind/Work For Your Money/I’m Not Joking/Mama Died And Left Me/All Night Boogie (All Night Long)/I Love My Baby/Highway My Friend/Hold Your Money/Streamline Woman/California Blues #2/ Stay Here Til My Baby Comes Back/Crazy About You Baby/No Place To Go/You Gonna Wreck My Life/Neighbors /I’m The Wolf/Rockin’ Daddy/Baby How Long/Evil (Is Going On)/I’ll Be Around/Forty Four/Who Will Be Next/I Have A Little Girl/Come To Me Baby/Don’t Mess With My Baby/Smokestack Lightnin’/You Can’t Be Beat/I Asked For Water/So Glad/I’m Leaving You/Can’t Put Me Out/Change My Way/Getting Late/ I’ve Been Abused/Howlin’ For My Baby/Howlin’ For My Darling (Or Baby)/Wolf In The Mood/My People’s Gone/ Mr. Airplane Man/Wang Dang Doodle/Back Door Man/Spoonful/Break Of Day/The Natchez Burnin’/Going Back Home/Bluebird/My Life/You Ought To Know/Who’s Been Talking?/Tell Me/Somebody In My Home /Nature/Walk To Camp Hall/Poor Boy/My Baby Told Me/Sitting On Top Of The World/I Didn’t Know/I Better Go Now/Howlin’ Blues/I Didn’t Know/Moaning For My Baby



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