Buddy Guy – Complete Chess studio recordings – CD



Guy, Buddy – The Complete Chess Studio Recordings: First Time I Met The Blues/Slop Around/I Got My Eyes On You/Broken Hearted Blues/Let Me Love You BabyI Got A Strange Feeling/Gully Hully/Ten Years Ago/Watch Yourself/Stone Crazy/Skippin’/I Found True Love/Hard But It’s Fair/Baby (Baby, Baby, Baby)/When My Left Eye Jumps/That’s It/The Treasure Untold/American Bandstand/No Lie/100 $ Bill/My Love Is Real/Buddy’s Boogie/Worried Mind/Untitled Instrumental/Moanin’/I Dig Your Wig/My Time After Awhile/Night Flight/Crazy Love/Every Girl I See/Too Many Ways/Leave My Girl Alone/Got To Use Your Head/Keep It To Myself/My Mother/She Suits Me To A Tee/Mother-In-Law Blues/Buddy’s Groove/Going To School/I Cry And Sing The Blues/Goin’ Home/I Suffer With The Blues/Lip Lap Louie/My Time After Awhile (Alternate Vocals And Mix)/Too Many Ways (Alternate With Background Vocal)/Keep It To Myself (Alternate With Organ Overdub)/I Didn’t Know My Mother



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