Bo Diddley – Road runner – CD



Diddley, Bo – Road Runner: Mama Mia/Bucket (Take 1)/Bucket (Take 5)/What Do You Know About Love?/Lazy Woman (Alternate Take 1)/Lazy Woman (take 3)/Come On Baby (Take 2)/Come On Baby (Instrumental)/Come On Baby (Take 4)/Nursery Rhyme/Mumblin’ Guitar/James’ Instrumental/Silly Willy/I Love You So/The Story Of Bo Diddley/She’s Alright (Unedited Version)/She’s Alright (Alternate Version)/She’s Alright (Mindy Lou)/She’s Alright/Darling Tell Me/Limbo (Alternate Version)/Limbo/Gonna Tell It Like It Is/Say Man, Back Again/Say Man/Jungle/Walking (Alternate Take 2)/Walking (Alternate Take 4)/To Each His Own/Run Diddley Daddy/Unknown Title/Road Runner (Alternate Version)/Road Runner/Spend My Life With You/Love You Baby/Diddling/Cadillac/Limbo/Willie Fell In Love (Version 1)/Willie Fell In Love (Version 2 (take 10))/Look At My Baby/Better Watch Yourself/Prisoner Of Love/Prisoner Of Love (Slow Version)/You Know I Love You So/Let Me In (Alternate Version 1)/Let Me In (Alternate Version 2)/Let Me In/Signifying Blues (Unedited Version)/Signifying Blues/Deed And Deed I Do (Alternate Version)/Deed And Deed I Do



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