Chuck Berry – Five Classic Albums – CD



Berry, Chuck: Five Classic Albums Plus: Oh Maria/I hope these words will find you well/Thirty days/I’ve changed/You can’t catch me/Rock and roll music/How high the moon/21/Blues/Thirteen question method/School days/Deep feeling/Too much monkey business/Wee wee hours/Roly poly/No money down/Brown eyed handsome man/Berry pickin/Together/Havana Moon/Downbound train/Drifting heart/Sweet little sixteen/Blue feeling/La Juanda/Rockin at the Philharmonic/Oh baby doll/Guitar boogie/Reelin and rovckin/In-go/Rock and roll music/How you’ve changed/Low feeling/It don’t take but a few minutes/Beautiful Delilah/Vacation time/Merry Christmas baby/Run Rudolph Run/Do you love me/Reelin and rockin/Sweet little sixteen/Almost grown/Carol/Maybelline/Sweet little rock and roller/Anthony boy/Johnny B Gode/Little Queenie/Jo Jo Gunne/Roll over Bethoven/Around and around/Hey pedro/Blues for Hawaiians/That’s my desire/Back in the USA/Memphis Tennessee/Say you’ll be mine/:et me sleep women/Childhood sweetheart/One o clock jump/Jaguar and the thunderbird/Our little rendezvous/Bye bye Johnny/Worried life blues/Down the road a piece/Confessing the blues/Too pooped to pop/Mad lad/I got to find my baby/Betty Jean/Childhood sweetheart/Broken arrow/Drifting blues/Let it rock/Come on/Go go go/I’m talking about you/Diploma for two/Thirteen question method/Away from you/Don’t you lie to me/The way it was before/Little star/Route 66/Sweet sixteen/Run around/Stop and listen/Rip it up (Includes alternate takes and unreleased takes)



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