Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode His Complete ’50s Chess Recordings 4-CD Set – CD



Johnny B. Goode His Complete ’50s Chess Recordings 4-CD Set: Maybellene/Wee Wee Hours/Thirty Days (To Come Back Home)/Together (We Will Always Be)/You Can’t Catch Me/Rolli Polli /Down Bound Train/Berry Pickin’ /No Money Down/I’ve Changed/ Drifting Heart/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Roll Over Beethoven/Too Much Monkey Business/Maybellene (live)/Roll Over Beethoven (live)/Havana Moon/Rock And Roll Music (demo)/Untitled Instrumental/Deep Feeling/School Day/ Low Feeling/La Jaunda (Espanol)/Blue Feeling (instrumental)/How You’ve Changed/Oh Baby Doll

Disc 2. Rock And Roll Music (alternate)/ock And Roll Music/ 13 Question Method (early version)/How High The Moon/Sweet Little Sixteen (demo)/Sweet Little Sixteen (take 3)/Sweet Little Sixteen (take 11)/Sweet Little Sixteen (original master)/Sweet Little Sixteen (sped up originally released version)/ Rock At The Philharmonic/Guitar Boogie/Night Beat (take 3)/Night Beat/Time Was (slow version, take 4)/Time Was (slow version)/Reelin’ And Rockin’ (take 1)/Reelin’ And Rockin’ (takes 7/8)/Reelin’ And Rockin’/ Chuckwalk /Johnny B. Goode (alt. take 2/3)/Johnny B. Goode/Around And Around (overdub take 2)/Around And Around (overdub take 3)/Around And Around/Ingo (overdub take 3)/Ingo

Disc 3
1. It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes/Blues For Hawaiians/Beautiful Delilah (alternate takes 15/16)/Beautiful Delilah (take 6)/21 Blues/ 21/ 21 (take 14)/Vacation Time/Oh Yeah/Hey Pedro/Time Was (fast version)/House Of Blue Lights/Carol/Jo Jo Gunne/Memphis Tennessee/Anthony Boy/Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller (alternate take 5)/Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller (take 11A)/Long Fast Jam/Long Slow Jam (instrumental)
21. Merry Christmas Baby/Merry Christmas Baby (alternate)/Run Rudolph Run

Disc 4
Little Queenie (take 8)/Little Queenie/That’s My Desire/Do You Love Me (alternate)/Do You Love Me/Almost Grown (take 14)/Almost Grown (take 28)/Almost Grown/Back In The U.S.A./Blue On Blue (alternate a/k/a Upchuck) (instrumental)/Blue On Blue/Betty Jean (alternate take 14)/Betty Jean (alternate take 17)/Betty Jean/County Line/Childhood Sweetheart (alternate)/Childhood Sweetheart/One O’Clock Jump/I Just Want To Make Love To You (take 3)/ I Just Want To Make Love To You/Broken Arrow/Broken Arrow/Let It Rock (alternate mix)/Let It Rock/Too Pooped To Pop (take 4A)/Too Pooped To Pop/Ecuadors – Say You’ll Be Mine/Ecuadors – Let Me Sleep Woman



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