Chuck Berry – In the 50s – CD

Berry, Chuck – In the 50s: School Days/Deep Feeling/Too Much Monkey Business/Wee Wee Hours/Roly Poly/No Money Down/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Berry Pickin’/Together (We’ll Always Be)/Havana Moon/Downbound Train/Drifting Heart/Sweet Little Sixteen/Blue Feeling/La Juanda/Rockin’ At The Philarmonic/Oh Baby Doll/Guitar Boogie/Reelin’ And Rockin’/In-Go/Rock and Roll Music/How You’ve Changed/Low Feeling/It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes/Almost Grown/Carol/Maybelline/Sweet Little Rock N Roller/Anthony Boy/.Johnny B. Goode/Little Queenie/Jo Jo Gunne/Roll Over Beethoven/Around And Around/Hey Pedro/Blues For Hawaiians/Bye Bye Johnny /Worried Life Blues/Down The Road A Piece/Confessin’ The Blues/Too Pooped To Pop/Mad Lad/I Got To Find My Baby/Betty Jean/Childhood Sweetheart/Broken Arrow/Driftin’ Blues/Let It Rock/Thirty Days/You Can’t Catch Me/Beautiful Delilah/Vacation Time/Merry Christmas Baby/Run Rudolph Run/That’s My Desire/Back In The USA/Memphis Tennessee/Jaguar And The Thunderbird/Our Little Rendezvous/Oh, Maria (Feat. Chuck Berry) – Joe Alexander & The Cubans/I Hope These Words Find You Well (Feat. Chuck Berry) – Joe Alexander & The Cubans/Say You’ll Be Mine (Feat. Chuck Berry) – Ecuadors/Let Me Sleep Woman (Feat. Chuck Berry) – Ecuadors/Roll Over Beethoven (Live)/Memphis Tennessee (Live)/Interview (With John Lennon & Yoko)/Johnny B. Goode (Live)/Interview (John Davidson Show)/Interview (FM Radio 1983)/Interview (With Johnny Carson 1987)


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