Bobby Dean

Chess 1673

Singer William Bullock (Bobby Dean) recorded two singles for Chess in 1957. We do not have any biographical details for this artist, but please see correspondence below.

8 Responses to Bobby Dean

  1. BRIAN G BULLOCK says:

    he was not a country artist…and his first name was William not Robert… Grew up in elm grove Wisconsin what other historical details do you wish?

    Brian Bullock (Bobby Deans Son).


    • Jim Trudgeon says:

      I was a neighbor of your Dad in Elm Grove. I was younger – Billy was was closer to my older sister’s age. They went to school together. I remember your Dad well as do my older sisters. We knew his family well – he has a brother Tommy who is now Brother Terrance and is living in Madison, WI. His sister Mary Ellen died a few years ago.


      • Brian says:

        Thank you Jim…. I was aware of my Grandpa and aunts having passed away…Does any one remember any venues he may have played live —county fairs, any places in Milwaukee or Chicago? Or what artists he liked?


  2. Campion Jaques says:

    Your Dad baby sat for my brother and I while we grew up in Elm Grove. He would bring his guitar and sing songs to us, our favorite was Dime Store Ponytail!


    • Brian G Bullock says:

      Anything else you remember?….the guitar is new …
      news to me only ever heard him play key boards..

      Any local events …fairs he might have played…hope to find photos in old publications etc.


  3. Lelia Carlson says:

    Your father performed at my high school, Maine Township when I was a sophomore. The high school is in Park Ridge, IL. I was so taken with his music (and good looks) that I kept asking for his autograph. Ran out of paper so had him sign my arms…then put my address book in front of him. He signed and gave me his address in Elm Grove. Then we began a correspondence. I believe he was still in school at the time too. We wrote back & forth for quite awhile and I do remember that his girlfriend at the time was a girl named Myrtle. I remember that because even back then, it was an old fashioned name. I got married in 1959 and our correspondence ended. He was a sweet kid and always a gentleman. I’ve often wondered what happened to him…is he still with us? I’ve tried several times to find him by looking online, but could only find his record information. Please, can you tell me more. My name is Lelia, although I usually told my friends to call me “Lee” because Lelia seemed too difficult to pronounce for most. Maiden name is Pray, and we lived in Park Ridge, IL. Thanks!


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