The Chanceteers

Chess 1636

This release on Chess has a somewhat odd and foggy history. The Chanceteers’ name gives a clue; they are a backing group from Chance Records, a small doo-wop and gospel label founded by Art Sheridan which had a short run before winding up in 1954. Two Chance acts, The Moonglows and The Flamingos, were subsequently signed to Chess. The investors behind Chance decided to invest instead in Vee-Jay Records. The line up on the recording is not known. On some Chance labels the same recording is identified as being by the Wally Hayes Combo. The group was also known as The Calumet City Boys. Wally Hayes is thought to have been the drummer Wallace Hayes. Although the recording was issued by Chess in 1956, the recording is thought to date from 1950 or 1951 and was first issued on Chance 1107.


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