Betty Jean Plummer


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Gospel singer Betty Jean Plummer was born in Memphis on September 25,1954 and also recorded soul music under the name Jean Plum for Bell and Hi Records.


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  1. MarcD says:


    However,whilst Jean is anxious to further the Memphian cause,she was born and still lives in Chicago.Actually cristened Betty Jean Plummer when she was born in the Windy City on September 25,1954,she became Jean Plum only nine months ago.
    “But I love the name” she enthused from her Chicago home.”In fact I am seriously thinking of changing my real name to Jean Plum.It was Willie’s (1) idea, because he felt that Betty Jean Plummer was too long to remember.”
    Jean’s roots are firmly in gospel – to the point that she still sings in church choirs (2) around Chicago regularly.Her earliest recordings were for Chess wen they were successfully expounding the gospel.Her initial pop efforts were made under her full name and for Bell Records but nothing of any consequence came of it.
    “I just love music – whatever it is” is the lady’s answer when you question as to whether there is any mental conflict between singing gospel and soul.”I feel that God gave me this voice and it up to me to do the best I can with it.I want to make people feel happy and I’ll sing almost anything to achieve that end.”

    (Excerpted from: ‘Introducing Ms Jean Plum’ by John Abbey / BLUES & SOUL N° 179 p.26 -February 10, 1976)


    (1) Willie Mitchell of Hi Records
    (2) She sang lead with the ‘Rev. Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers’

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