The Magnificents

The Magnificents were a well known vocal group but the recording issued on Checker 1016 does not appear to be by the vocal group usually known as The Magnificents and issued on other labels.

Marv Goldberg, in his article on The Magnificents, notes that the Checker record credits Kansoma as the copyright owners, so Chess Treasures has contacted Bobby Poe, the current copyright owner for Kansoma (BMI).

Mr. Poe had never heard of the record! He does have the copyright of “Do You Mind” which he has registered as being written by Johnny Dubas. Johnny Dubas was the bass player for Big Al Downing and The Rhythm Rockers at the time and later was bass player for The Chartbusters. The song copyright was registered with BMI on December 31, 1960. The song “The Dribble Twist” is not currently listed by BMI as a Kansoma copyright, which confirms the information printed on the label, as seen in photos. There is a possibility that “The Dribble Twist” is by completely different artistes from a completely separate source.

Mr Poe advises us that “The Magnificents” on this recording may have featured Johnny Dubas and Vernon Sandusky, but the record might also have been by Big Al Downing and his band, of which they were members; and the recording was probably first released on his father’s Kansoma Records label.

We would like to thank Mr. Poe for his invaluable help. We are trying to track a copy of the recording so that we can listen to it and identify the artists involved, if possible. If anyone else has further information to the identity of “The Magnificents” on Checker 1016 or has a copy of the record, please leave us a comment. Thank you!

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