The Dream Kings


The Dream Kings | Marv Goldberg/Delmark/Hans-Joachim Krohberger | tc292

The Dream Kings were a vocal group from Chicago who started singing in 1953. They were, according to available information, Tom “Little Bud” Daniels, Robert Anderson, William “Sonny” Anderson, Lincoln Mabins and Ira Anderson. They had not been successful and were not happy with their manager as The Drakes, so signed with Checker and adopted a different name. However the record issued on Checker was not a success either and they disbanded shortly afterwards.

The above information may not be correct. Please see comments below. Paul


2 thoughts on “The Dream Kings

  1. Hi. The information you have pertaining to my father’s group, The Dream Kings is not accurate. If you’d like more information, I’d be more than glad to provide it to you. I inherited all of my father’s music and publishing rights. States records went bankrupt. My father, with Lucky Cordel as their manager, were signed by Chess and recorded 2 songs which were big hits in Chicago and surrounding area and are on compilation albums world wide as legendary.
    Tom Daniel, III

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