Eddie Fisher


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Jazz guitarist Eddie Fisher of the Eddie Fisher Quintet was a 1970s jazz guitarist who was blending jazz, soul, blues, funk and psychedelia, and became a cult figure.

St Louis Jazz Notes records:

A native of Little Rock AR, Fisher toured with Solomon Burke and served as Albert King’s bandleader before establishing his career as a solo artist. He also lived in Memphis for a time before moving to the St. Louis area and becoming part of the house band at the Blue Note Club in East St. Louis. His first two records were released by Chicago’s Cadet label, a subsidiary of Chess, and a third, Hot Lunch, came out on the All Platinum label.

Mr Fisher went on to found The Village Theatre in Centreville, Illinois (in 1997) and more of his music is available on their website. His recordings for Cadet was re-released in 2006 by GRP.


The Village Theatre | tc229

Mr Fisher died in July 2007 after a long fight with cancer.

Eddie Fisher is not the same person as the singer/actor Eddie Fisher.


2 thoughts on “Eddie Fisher

  1. My name is Christina Fisher wife of the great jazz guitarist Eddie Fisher, it was very nice to see his legacy lives on, he was truly a fantastic creative artist, an wonderful husband and a great father, thanks again
    God bless

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