Christine Chatman


Christine Chatman | Collection of Preston Lauterbach | tc255

Accordionist, pianist and singer Christine Chatman recorded a number of sides for Aristocrat in the late 1940s. No biographical detail is available for her. There was a report that she was expelled from a musician’s union after not paying her band. This is now known to be completely untrue.

After recording for Aristocrat she moved to Los Angeles in the early 1950s, then faded into obscurity.


2 Responses to Christine Chatman

  1. Rich Coleman, NARAS / AFM #5 / ASCAP/ Drummer- I am the nephew of Christine Chatman and featured in the Feb. ’18, edition #326 & 224 of “Blues & Rhythm” magazine follow up article on the life of “Christine Chatman”. In my research of her career and recordings I was provided with confirmation from Local #25 in Terre Haute Indiana (1944/ 45) that her union dues had been paid and was not “black balled” as legend has it. She also resigned from Chicago Local in “good standing” per their records during this same time and records show she moved to the west coast to perform with Joe Liggins. I’m producing / recording 2018/19, “The Best of Christine Chatman”. Info / details will be posted @ 3/31/18

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