Floyd Smith


Floyd Smith | Copyright control | tc266

Floyd Smith, another of the early artists to record for the Aristocrat label, was born on January 25, 1917 and died on March 29, 1982. He studied music theory and became a professional musician, mainly playing ukelele and guitar. In 1939 his “Guitar Blues” was the first ever electric guitar hit record. He enlisted for service in World War 2. He continued recording through to the 1970s.


One Response to Floyd Smith

  1. MarcD says:

    Hi there,

    To my knowledge guitarist Floyd, George, Broomfield ,Smith wasn’t a producer nor did he own a record label!

    Some nitwit confounded him with Chicago soul singer,writer,producer,label owner Floyd, Carl, Smith (+ 1984).Husband of gospel- (Caravans),soul singer Loleatta Holloway.


    Minor quible: instrumental is entitled ‘Floyd’s Guitar Blues’



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