Joey Long


Joey Long | tc208

Rockabilly singer Joey Long, thought to be pictured, sometimes identified as Curly Long, was born Joseph Earl Longoria in Louisiana on December 17, 1932 and died from a heart attack and brain hemorrhage on March 22, 1995. He is buried in Houston, Texas. Joey Long had a long career as a musician including a session musician on many New Orleans recordings.

The Texas State Historical Association note that:

“The duo of Long and Sonny Fisher was one of the first groups to play rockabilly. In commenting on the rise of rockabilly in the late 1940s and early 1950s, historian Bill C. Malone observed that “country music had long demonstrated its affinity for the stepped-up rhythms of black music,” and rockabilly was thus a “successful fusion of ‘rocking’ black music and ‘hillbilly’ music,” played and sung by white performers….Long lived in New Orleans and performed with a variety of musicians, including singer Clarence “Frogman” Henry. He played lead guitar on Henry’s hit recording of “Ain’t Got No Home.” … Long recorded with Ivory Joe Hunter … playing saxophone on “Since I Met You Baby.” At one time Long had a recording contract with Houston’s legendary rhythm-and-blues producer Huey Meaux.”


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